November Week 2
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Saturday, 15 November 2014

If you need to know what's important for the developer, you can rely on  I Programmer to sift through the news and uncover the most relevant stories. Our weekly digest gives a handy summary. This one is for November 6-12. 




This Week's Book Reviews

  • Arduino Programming in 24 Hours
    Giving this book in the Sams Teach Yourself series a rating of 4 out of 5, Harry Fairhead starts "This is one of the best books on using the Arduino I've read". He also points out that author Richard Blum covers hardware-oriented topics as well as teaching you to program in C.

  • Python Pocket Reference, 5th Ed
    If you are an experienced Python programmer who wants a condensed reminder of what Python is all about Alex Armstrong recommends this pocket sized reference by Mark Lutz, giving it a rating of 4.5.
  • SQL Server Internals: In-Memory OLTP
    Ian Stirk awarded Kalen  Delananey's book on the important new feature in SQL Server 2014 - In Memory OTLP (aka Hekaton) a perfect rating of 5 for its audience of DBAs and database developers. Read his comprehensive 3-page review to find out more.



DARPA Funds Big Code Database Project   Wednesday 12 November

DARPA has awarded $11 million to a project initiated at Rice University that aims to "autocomplete" and "autocorrect" code using a database of "all the available code in the world". Is this a folly?



Evil C Coders Wanted   Wednesday 12 November

A challenge to write "evil" C code is underway again, searching for the programmer who can produce code that looks benign but causes problems.



Computer Scientists Petition Supreme Court Over API Copyright   Wednesday 12 November

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a brief on behalf of 77 computer scientists urging the US Supreme Court of the United States to overturn a finding that APIs are copyrightable.



Firefox Developer Edition - Not So Much A Birthday Present ...   Tuesday 11 November

Firefox made a splash for its 10th birthday celebration - a tiny tweak to the main browser and a "new" developer edition based on the pre-beta Aurora channel - who asked for that?



YouTrack 6 Adds Live Dashboard   Tuesday 11 November

JetBrains has announced the availability of a major new release of its comprehensive IDE-style issue tracking and project management tool.



Last Call for SharePoint Conference   Tuesday 11 November

 This year's SharePoint Connect conference is almost here, with just a week left for new registrations.



New Raspberry Pi A+ Just $20   Monday 10 November

As we predicted over the weekend, when we noticed a web ad for it that had been shown prematurely, the Raspberry Pi Model A+ has been launched today. The additional news is that it will sell for just $20.



Tony Sale Computer Conservation Award 2014   Monday 10 November

The joint winners of  2014 Tony Sale Award for computer conservation are a restoration project of late 1950s computing by the Computer History Museum in California and the virtual reconstruction of the 1930s Zuse mechanical computer by the Free University of Berlin.



Firefox Marks 10th Anniversary   Monday 10 November

On November 9, 2004 Mozilla released Firefox 1.0. It is celebrating its first decade with the release of Firefox 33.1, billed as a browser for developers.



Arduino And More Comes To MoMA   Saturday 08 November

Does an Arduino, even if we think it is cool, belong as a MoMA exhibit? Is there more art in technology than we think?



Chappie - The Movie To Make You Want A Robot?   Saturday 08 November

As well as the increasing number of super hero movies, robots seem to be getting their share of the action. Chappie is a new movie starting Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, Dev Patel and the eponymous Chappie - a powerful robot as small child. 



Polyfills As A Service   Friday 07 November

Polyfills - don't you just hate'm, but you can't live without them. The big problem is knowing when you need them. Now there is a solution that gets it just right every time.



EFF Asks For The Right To Access Software   Friday 07 November

The DMCA law is designed to act against copyright infringement, but it is having some unexpected side effects. Now the EFF wants exceptions to allow people to fix their cars and keep abandoned games running. This request might have unexpected consequences of its own.



IntelliJ IDEA 14 Released   Thursday 06 November

JetBrains has released the yearly update of IntelliJ IDEA, its Java IDE for web, desktop and mobile development.



Which Languages Are In Demand?   Thursday 06 November

As professional programmers we are obviously interested in which languages are in demand and how they compare in terms of how much they pay. This information can be found from an analysis of job adverts.


The Core

Getting Started With jQuery - Advanced Filters   Thursday 06 November

When you first encounter filters they seem easy enough - just extract the results you want from the results you have. The trouble is that filters are fun and jQuery pushes the idea beyond the obvious. In this chapter we look at traversal filters and more.



Nolan Bushnell and Atari   Tuesday 11 November

The name Atari generally evokes a fond recollection of the days when games were characterised by pixelated artwork. Without its rise, and eventual fall, computer gaming might not have found its way into the home.




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