December Week 2
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Saturday, 13 December 2014

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The Deep Flaw In All Neural Networks   Wednesday 10 December

Recently a paper reported the information that neural networks seem to have a fundamental problem in recognizing things now we have another twist on the same basic idea. In this case you can construct an image that looks nothing like what it is supposed to be and yet it is still classified with high confidence. 



President Obama Experiences An Hour of Code   Wednesday 10 December

In a event to mark the beginning of this year's Computer Science Education Week, President Obama produced his first ever line of code, with help from a middle-school pupil.



MariaDB Enterprise Updated   Wednesday 10 December

There’s a new version of MariaDB Enterprise that adds support for new platforms and extra tools and services.



Grace Hopper's Birthday   Tuesday 09 December

Today is Grace Hopper's 108th anniversary. Remembered as the person who invented the term "bug" and for pioneering natural language in computing, her legacy has been to inspire efforts to enhance the career interests of women in computing. In addition, her concern for teaching young people is why Computer Science Education Week is timed to coincide with her birthday.



Android Studio 1.0 Released - Eclipse ADT Development Stopped   Tuesday 09 December

It is a big shock when anything to do with Google reaches Version 1 as the company likes to keep things in beta for eternity - or so it seems. But it has happened and now Android Studio is released it is time to move from Eclipse.



Poll Results - Languages That Repay   Tuesday 09 December

Last week on I Programmer we asked about where you first encountered the programming language that got you started as a programmer. Now we can reveal the results of our poll and it reveals some interesting trends



Node.js Fork - Now You Have A Choice To Make   Monday 08 December

One of the big advantages of open source is that if you don't like the current state of things you can simply create a fork and make your own version of the project. However, not all forks are equal and not all are helpful. How do you react to the fork of the increasingly important Node.js?



JDK 9 Update   Monday 08 December

Oracle has announced more updates to the next version of Java, alongside an early access build of JDK 9 with Jigsaw.



Mechanical Insects Evolve The Ability To Fly Though A Window   Sunday 07 December

You might think that the world has enough insects without creating robots in the same style. In this case, however, the real interest is in the way the ability to fly though a window can evolve without anyone really trying.



Spectrum Vega – A Blast From The Past   Saturday 06 December

A new games console is being launched based on the 80s classic, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Within days of the start of its Indiegogo campaign all of the 1000 Limited Edition Spectrum Vegas had been claimed but there is still the chance to get your hands on one of the second batch.



.NET Core The Details - Is It Enough?   Friday 05 December

Microsoft has just provided some more details about .NET Core - the open source project it recently created. There is some good news and some bad, but possibly more bad in the short term.



Dart 1.8 Adds Support for App Engine and enums   Friday 05 December

Google Dart has been updated to offer experimental support for enums, and Google has added the ability to run your Dart server-side apps on Google App Engine's Manage VMs.  



Google's New NoCaptcha Captcha   Thursday 04 December

We all hate them, but captcha's are a useful tool in keeping spam bots out of all sorts of opt-in lists. Now Google has offered us all a free captcha that, in most cases, doesn't ask the user anything at all. 



ReSharper Product Line Splits   Thursday 04 December

With the release of JetBrains ReSharper 9, the product will have two versions - one for C# , VB.NET, XAML and so on and another specific to C++.
UPDATE: The major version ReSharper 9 has now been released, ReSharper C++ continues in Early Access.



Web Developer Tool Enhancements in Firefox 34/35   Thursday 04 December

Firefox 34 was released on December 1st and users in the US will notice, and some may be annoyed, that Yahoo is now the default search engine. If you are a web developer there are welcome changes. 


The Core

Database The Prolog Way   Wednesday 10 December

Prolog - is it just a blast from the past only of interest to AI and strange language enthusiasts? Or could it just be the ultimate NoSQL database capable of things that are difficult to do without it. In this article we write a remarkably short Prolog program that can route find on London's Tube network.



Just JavaScript - The Prototype Mechanism   Friday 05 December

The prototype is about the most mysterious part of JavaScript. Once you have mastered the call context and the constructor, it is the prototype that you have to turn to. How does it work? How do you use it? What is it for?







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