December Week 3
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Saturday, 20 December 2014

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Dr Dobb's Bites The Dust After 38 Years   Wednesday 17 December

If you don't know Dr Dobb's - or  Dr. Dobb's Journal of Computer Calisthenics and Orthodontia -  then you probably missed out on a great era of computing. Sadly this iconic publication has just announced that it is closing and the reasons are worth exploring.



Deep Learning Chess   Wednesday 17 December

Usually chess playing programs take a search approach to finding good moves, but why not see if a deep neural network can do the job without the need to hand tune game algorithms.



Asterix DB – Big Data Management System   Wednesday 17 December

A new database designed specifically for managing semi-structured information has been made available in beta form.



Go 1.4 gets Android support   Tuesday 16 December

A new version of Go has been announced by Google with support for developing native Android apps along with better garbage collection.



Google Drops Google Earth API   Tuesday 16 December

Google isn't one to keep something it doesn't want hanging around just in case someone else still wants it. So another API bites the dust. You have one year to - do what exactly? There is no alternative to migrate to.



Microsoft Buys HockeyApp   Monday 15 December

Microsoft has acquired the analysis and app distribution service HockeyApp.



Create 2 Roomba That Doesn't Suck   Monday 15 December

iRobot's Roomba is the iconic robot vacuum cleaner - but it leads a double life, moonlighting in STEM education. The company has just launched Create 2, an updated model for those interested in hacking robot behavior.



Intel Announces IoT Platform   Monday 15 December

Intel is competing with most other big companies for a slice of the Internet of Things (IoT) but it has the advantage of covering both ends of the problem - the Internet and the Things.



Astro Pi - What Can A Raspberry Pi Do In Space?   Sunday 14 December

UK school pupils are being challenged to write Rapberry Pi apps or experiments to run in space, using an Astro Pi board loaded with sensors and gadgets.



StreetPong - Makes Waiting For Traffic Fun   Saturday 13 December

If you get bored waiting for the lights to change so you can cross the road at pedestrian crossings, technology may have a solution for you.



Cryptoy - Code-Making App From GCHQ   Friday 12 December

The UK's national security agency, GCHQ, has launched an Android app that lets you explore codes and cryptography. It is intended to inspire school students to be interested in STEM subjects.



Qt 5.4 Released   Friday 12 December

The latest version of the Qt framework has been released with revamped and renewed web support.



The New Android Compilers - Meet Jack And Jill   Friday 12 December

The new compiler toolchain, Jack and Jill, were included in the recent release of Android SDK 21.1, but only now has Google explained what they are are and what they do.



Amazon's Robot Workforce   Thursday 11 December

It's the busiest time of the year for online shopping and, as the biggest online retailer, Amazon is handling millions of orders. In order to meet the demand it has increased its workforce - both human and robot.



Duktape Embeddable JavaScript Engine   Thursday 11 December

JavaScript is everywhere, but what if you want it as a scripting language in your own app or device? Duktape might be what you need. It is open source and has just reached version 1. 


The Core

There's an Arduino for that!   Tuesday 16 December

The Arduino is an ideal way to delve into the realm of embedded programming - or the Internet of Things. Here's a fun introduction to the basics that will get you started without fear of creating any burning electronic components.



Mojolicious In Conversation With Sebastian Riedel   Thursday 11 December

Our journey into the world of Perl's Web frameworks would not be complete without Mojolicious. So Nikos Vaggalis talked to Sebastian Riedel, Mojolicious mastermind and the original founder of Catalyst.






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