August Week 5
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Friday, 04 September 2015

As we move from August to September, the team at IProgrammer continues to monitor the news feeds to bring developers the important stories, together with the fun and interesting ones we come across.


August 27 - September 2

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FlatCam - Who Needs A Lens?   Wednesday 02 September

Computational photography has more or less killed off the classic approach to photography. But a camera without a lens - surely some sort of joke?



Bitcoin MOOC On Coursera   Wednesday 02 September

The Princeton University course on cryptocurrency technologies, in particular Bitcoin, is now open to all comers on Coursera. It doesn't cost a penny piece, let alone a Bitcoin.



Imagine Cup Earth   Wednesday 02 September

The latest Imagine Cup competition for student coders around the world has been launched, this time with NASA as the co-presenter.



Amazon Underground A New Way To Make Money From Apps   Tuesday 01 September

Amazon has come up with a new way for developers to make money from apps.  



Build Cloud Apps For Codegeist 2015   Tuesday 01 September

Atlassian's Codegeist 2015 has opened on Devpost with over $100,000 in prizes for building apps that extend its products, with an emphasis on the cloud..



Arduino For VS 2015   Tuesday 01 September

Microsoft isn't the only one trying to get Windows into the IoT. Visual Micro has just released the beta of Arduino for Visual Studio 2015 - and it is free. 



IEEE Custom Ranks Programming Languages   Monday 31 August

Language rankings are fun and cause a lot of arguments, but they can be practically important. Which language should you learn? Which will earn you the most money?



Landing A Job At Google Just By Googling   Monday 31 August

Many developers will tell you that their dream job would be to work for Google. So getting an interview by accident sounds like a real stroke of luck.



MobileFusion - Microsoft Turns Any Phone Into 3D Scanner   Sunday 30 August

We were all very excited when the Kinect first hit the scene and 3D scanners of all sorts have played a role in some unbelievable projects ever since. Now Microsoft has an app that can turn any mobile phone into a 3D scanner without any additional hardware. 



PiDP - A Pi Based PDP-8/I   Saturday 29 August

If you missed out on the paper tape eating, blinking light flashing, key switch programmed phase of computer hardware then you can catch up with the PiPI-8/I. It is a fairly complete recreation of the experience of using a PDP-8.



Twitter Flight Now Taking Applications   Friday 28 August

Flight is the name of the Twitter Developer Conference and we are not referring to apps but to requests for tickets to this this year's event which takes place on October 21st in San Francisco.



NetBeans 8.1 Beta   Friday 28 August

The latest version of the NetBeans IDE features a range of new tools for HTML5/JavaScript and supports mixed Java/C++ development. It is now available for download in beta.



HP Helion Webinars   Thursday 27 August

HP is hosting a series of webinars for developers who want to learn more about cloud development with HP technologies, starting with an introduction to the HP Helion OpenStack project.



Daily C++ Hints   Thursday 27 August is a new free resource for C++ developers that provides insights that should help you improve your understanding and avoid the pitfalls that others have fallen into.



Edge on Windows 10 VMs   Thursday 27 August

Microsoft has created Windows 10 virtual machines for download to coax people into testing Edge, the web browser replacement for Internet Explorer.  


Professional Programmer

Teaching Coding To The Next Generation   Tuesday 01 September

Youngsters in the US and UK go back to school this month. What can they expect to learn about the world of algorithms, programs and code and who will teach them?


The Core

Deep C# - Value And Reference   Thursday 27 August

Value and reference are a fundamental division in the way C# treats data. It is important that you understand the differences and most importantly when to use a struct and when to use a class. These aren't just differences in efficiency, they affect the semantics too.




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