December Week 2
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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Do you have better things to do than scour the internet for news? No problem! If you need to know what's important for the developer, IProgrammer Weekly puts the unmissable bits together in a handy digest. This week we have more gift suggestions for programmers.

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December 8 -14, 2016 


Book Reviews

Giving this book a rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars, Ian Stirk explains:

This book is well written, easy to follow, has an easy flow between sections, and is overwhelmingly an interesting read. It opines on how jobs will be lost to automation and that, unlike previous automation changes, replacement jobs will not be found, leading to mass unemployment. All the major industries are examined, and example automation changes are given. The book ends with some approaches on how you can take advantage of the coming automation revolution.

Sue Gee awarded this book a  rating of 4 out of 5, noting:

This isn't a textbook, but it could have a useful role in a computer science class as well as for individual readers in the age range 10 to 14.



Early Bird Savings For SDD 2017   Wednesday 14 December

It may seem a bit premature to be thinking about what developer conferences to attend in 2017. However a saving of up to £500 per place for the London-based Software Design and Development Conference in May is an offer that makes pre-planning worthwhile.



OpenAI Universe - New Way of Training AIs   Wednesday 14 December

Until now, the way a neural network worked, was to supply it with millions of pre-classified data, in the so called supervised learning scheme, which resulted in neural networks only learning what we've instructed them to do.



Programmer Gifts II - Serious Stuff!   Wednesday 14 December

In a second installment of what to buy a programmer, we thought that some more serious options were in order. What exactly does a programmer really want? And of course, if you are that programmer simply refactor the code and buy it to give the giver...



//No Comment - Productive, Anxious, Lonely, #HashtagWars & Fun Facts   Tuesday 13 December

The web connects us to each other and to information in ways unimagined only a decade or so ago. It has become a research topic.

•  Productive, Anxious, Lonely - 24 Hours Without Push Notifications 

•  #HashtagWars: Learning a Sense of Humor 

•  Fun Facts: Automatic Trivia Fact Extraction from Wikipedia 



Mozilla Funding - Crisis Averted For Now   Friday 09 December

Mozilla has published State of Mozilla, its annual report for 2015, including its financial statements. So having ditched Google in 2014, how is Mozilla managing?



IBM Watson and Project Intu for Embodied Cognition   Monday 12 December

Watson raises the bar to the quest of achieving autonomous general AI, in yet  another advancement that this time looks like having an emphatic impact on the industry as a whole.



Pebble Taken Over By FitBit - Developers & Users Abandoned   Monday 12 December

The news that smart watch maker Pebble has been taken over by FitBit might have been good news for developers but it is now clear that the intention is to shut the platform down as soon as possible. So what about developers who put hard work in to make the Pebble attractive to the end user?



A 4-Bit Adder Made Of Cardboard!   Sunday 11 December

Even if you know it, the fact that computation can be achieved in an amazing range of different ways still comes as a surprise. Programmer lapinozz decided to prove the point by building a full adder using cardboard, marbles and hot glue. 



//No Comment - Atlas Walking, Octobot & Salto   Saturday 10 December

• Atlas Walking over Partial Footholds

• Octobot A Soft Autonomous Robot 

• SALTO - Berkeley's leaping robot



The Life and Times Of Admiral Grace Hopper - Infographic   Friday 09 December

Today we celebrate the 110 th anniversary of the birth of Grace Hopper. In programming circles she is often referred to as Amazing Grace. This infographic, which provides a timeline of Hopper’s many and varied contributions shows why.



Microsoft and Qualcomm Bring ARM to Windows 10   Friday 09 December

At this week's WinHEC event in Shenzen, China Microsoft announced a partnership with Qualcomm which brings Windows 10 to the Snapdragon processor. What exactly is going on?



//No Comment - Python 3.6, Racket v6.7 & TypeScript 2.1   Friday 09 December

• What’s New In Python 3.6 

• Racket v6.7

• Announcing TypeScript 2.1



Microsoft and Intel Partner For Project Evo   Thursday 08 December

Microsoft and Intel have come together in a new "Wintel" collaboration. Project Evo is described as an initiative to improve how PCs think see and hear and will enhance "mixed reality" experiences.



Amazon Strengthens Lambda Offering   Thursday 08 December

Amazon has added extra features to its Lambda service, which runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the computing resources for you.


The Core

IoT Anomaly Detection Using A Kalman Filter   Monday 12 December

Kalman filters are often regarded as advanced, but you can't afford not to know about them because they provide the best approach to tracking a system. If you know where a system should be in theory then you can detect when it isn't and this is the basis for Kalman filter anomaly detection. GE's Predix has a range of sophisticated statistical procedures - including a Kalman filter. 



A Programmer's Guide to Scratch 2   Thursday 08 December

Scratch is an easy-to-learn and use language that still has all of the features of a real programming language. Find out how it works, what makes it special and teach it to a nonprogrammer. This introduction to Scratch is aimed is the programmer with the idea that it might encourage you to spread the word in Computer Science Education week and beyond.






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