January Week 5
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Saturday, 06 February 2016

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January 28 - February 3, 2016 

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F8 2016 Registration Open   Wednesday 03 February

F8, the annual Facebook Developer Conference, will be held this year April 12 and 13 at San Francisco's Fort Mason Center and registration is now open.



Number Of Legal Go Positions Finally Worked Out   Wednesday 03 February

Go is an important game for AI in that, until very recently, humans were much better at it than computers. It is a complex and subtle game that has only just yielded one of the most fundamental parameters of any game - how many legal positions are there.



TypeScript 1.8 Hits Beta   Wednesday 03 February

The next version of TypeScript is out in beta, even though it's only a month since the previous release. TypeScript 1.8 has expanded JSX support and adds support for ChakraCore.



Google AdMob Student App Challenge   Tuesday 02 February

Google is inviting student developers around the world to build an app and learn how to make money from it - which is where AdMob comes into the picture. There's also the incentive of prizes.



Vote In The People's Choice AI Video Award   Tuesday 02 February

The People's Choice AI video awards are on again and you have until February 15th to vote. Even if you don't want to vote, the videos are worth seeing. 



Windows 10 Surpasses Windows 8.1   Monday 01 February

Windows 10 now has around a 12% share of the worldwide desktop operating system market. Is it on track to become the Universal Windows Platform that Microsoft intends it to be?



Azure Stack Tech Preview - Run You Own Azure   Monday 01 February

The first public technical preview of Azure Stack is being released by Microsoft.



Luca Cardelli Gains SIGPLAN Award   Monday 01 February

Luca Cardelli, Assistant Director at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK is the 2015 recipient of the ACM SIGPLAN Programming Languages Achievement Award for his exceptional contributions to the field of programming languages.



GCHQ Launches Spy Summer School   Sunday 31 January

The UK's national security organization, GCHQ, has launched a Cyber Insiders course to help recruit train future analysts and will pay those who attend.



Obama Unveils Computer Science for All   Saturday 30 January

In his weekly radio address President Obama  today said that he will seek $4 billion from Congress to dramatically increase the number of children who have access to computer science classes in school.



GCHQ's Xmas Puzzle Not Cracked Yet   Friday 29 January

The director of GCHQ distributed a puzzle to selected contacts and then made it available to everyone. The deadline for solution is the end of January and it seems that there are no solutions as yet. 



Facebook Shuts Parse Mobile App Platform   Friday 29 January

Parse, the cloud storage and support service for mobile developers, owned by Facebook since 2013, is shutting down. Current users have twelve months in which to migrate.



Oracle Announces End Of Java Applet Support   Thursday 28 January

It really is the end of an era. Oracle has announced that Applets are deprecated in JDK 9 and will be removed from the JDK and JRE in the future. 



E-Commerce Giant Hires Udacity Graduates Based On Nanodegree Portfolio   Thursday 28 January

Flipkart, India's largest online marketplace has hired three graduates of Udacity India's Android Developer Nanodgree program without any interviews and based solely on their Udacity profiles and Nanodegree projects.



Google's AI Beats Human Professional Player At Go   Wednesday 27 January

Go has long been a troublesome game for AI. It was the game in which humans clung onto supremacy - until now. A neural network based system has finally beaten a really good human player.


The Core

Autonomous Robot Weaponry - The Debate   Monday 01 February

Let's face it, Robots in one form or another seem to be everywhere. Having infiltrated factories, healthcare, marine and space exploration, Robots will soon conquer the household too, taking care of all those pesky chores. But what about their military applications. Can they be used to form an army? Further, what about that army being autonomous, able to locate and attack targets without any user intervention?



Using HP AppPulse With iOS   Thursday 28 January

HP AppPulse Mobile is performance monitoring software for mobile apps, which tracks user experience and reports it using relevant dashboards. It provides user-centric monitoring, without requiring a single new line of code. This iOS tutorial shows it in action.






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