November Week 2
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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Catch up with everything that appeared on I Programmer last week. Our digest gives links to news coverage plus the week's book reviews and additions to Book Watch. The list finishes with two full length articles - an in-depth look at PHP Control Structures 1 - if and else and the first extract, on Condition Variables, from Harry Fairhead's soon-to-be-published book on C.

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November 6 - 14, 2018

Book Watch

This week's additions to our ever-growing archive of newly published computer books are:    

Book Reviews



Android Development - Constant Churn  
Wednesday 14 November

With the Android Dev Summit just over it is a good time to reconsider where we are in the light of what was, and was not, announced.

Explore More on Complexity Explorer  
Wednesday 14 November

There's a new facility on Complexity Explorer that lets you browse over 700 Complex Systems Science Resources. This will help anyone wanting to learn more locate relevant courses, tutorials, videos and web content at levels from beginner to technically advanced. 

Dremio 3.0 Adds Data Catalog   Tuesday 13 November

There's a new version of Dremio, an open-source project designed to give business analysts and data scientists a way to explore and analyze data no matter what its structure or size. New in this release are a data catalog, prioritized workload management, and Kubernetes support. 

Help For Mobile App Devs From Text Mining  
Tuesday 13 November 

Mobile app developers need to react quickly to reviews that reflect dissatisfaction. Statisticians at Cornell have found a faster way for developers to respond, with a new text-mining method that aggregates and parses customer reviews in one step. 

FSF Update Rules Commons Clause Non-Free  
Monday 12 November

The Free Software Foundation has added the Commons Clause to its list of non-free licenses among a number of recent updates to its licensing materials. Other changes clarify the GNU GPL position on translating code into another language and how to handle projects that combine code under multiple licenses.  


Visual Studio Code Python Gets Data Science Kit  
Monday 12 November

Microsoft has added new features to the Python extension for Visual Studio Code that can be used to work with data interactively in Visual Studio Code. The feature can be used to explore data sets or to incorporate machine learning models into applications.


Facebook Dead Will Inevitably Outnumber Live Users   Sunday 11 November

Facebook has had a huge impact on the lives of its users, connecting individuals to their family and friends as never before. As time passes so do people, and there will come a point when more Facebook profiles will belong to deceased users than to living ones.


AI News Anchor - A First For China   Saturday 10 November

Two AI avatars, Based on the appearance of two flesh-and-blood Chinese news presenters, and built in collaboration with Chinese search engine company Sogou, that can read news in English and Mandarin were unveiled last week. This adds TV News Anchor to the long list of jobs in which machines will soon replace humans. 

£84 Million To Bring Code Into Classrooms  
Friday 09 November

The UK Government's Department for Education has announced an investment of £84 million to improve the teaching of computing and drive pupil participation in computer science with the launch of the National Centre for Computing Education.


Ring UI Adds Light And Dark Support   Friday 09 November

There's an updated version of the Ring UI controls for use when building web applications in JetBrains. The updated version handles light and dark environments as well as supporting CSS properties and modules.


Facebook GraphQL Gets Own Foundation  
Thursday 08 November

Facebook has set up a new open source foundation for its GraphQL project, hosted under the Linux Foundation. The aim is to enable widespread adoption and help accelerate development of GraphQL and the surrounding ecosystem.


TimescaleDB Production Ready  Thursday 08 November

TimescaleDB, an open-source PostgreSQL extension for time-series that is optimized for fast ingest and complex queries, has been released as production ready by its developers.


The Core

Fundamental C - Condition Variables  
Monday 12 November

Condition variables seem to be hard to understand and tricky to use when you first meet them. However, they allow you to do things that are difficult to do any other way. This extract is from a forthcoming book on C in an IoT context.


PHP Control Structures 1 - if and else  
Thursday 08 November

Getting to grips with programming or a new language is a matter of mastering the flow of control. This is the key idea in programming and understanding it makes the difference between a programmer and a non-programmer. 



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