October Week 3
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Saturday, 26 October 2019

Every day  I Programmer has new material written by programmers, for programmers. This weekly digest gives a handy summary of the latest content, which this week includes an exploration of Python's Custom Attributes taken from Programmer's Python and details of how to get hands-on with logic gates without soldering, using the SmartSim simulator from hardware guy, Harry Fairhead.

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 October 17 - 23, 2019   

The Core

Programmer's Python - Custom Attributes

Monday 21 October

pythoncoverWe  have already looked at the idea of a get/set property and often this is sufficient for more sophisticated attribute access. However, Python also provides you with the ability to take control of how attributes are accessed – the descriptor. 


Getting Started With Digital Logic - Logic Gates  

Thursday 17 October

finishedcircuitHow to get hands-on with logic gates without soldering. Using the SmartSim simulator, the hardware becomes software and you can avoid burnt fingers and burned components. So let's get started.  


Book Review of the Week

Kay Ewbank awarded a full 5-star rating to this new edition of a popular database title which brings the book up to date to cover MySQL 8 together with features such as window functions, Common Table Expressions (CTE), and roles for database security.


New Listings in Book Watch    



Why Students Participate in Summer of Code  
Wednesday 23 October

Google Summer of Code is widely seen as beneficial both to the participating students and to the open source organizations. Now researchers have looked into what motivates students to participate and do they continue to contribute in the long term? 

Google:We Have Quantum Supremacy IBM: No You Don't   Wednesday 23 October

sycamore2You think it would be easy to prove that a quantum computer was better than a classical computer. Google's Quantum Computer Group thinks that it has done just that, but has it? 

Unix Celebrates 50 Years  
Tuesday 22 October

unix50Today and tomorrow Nokia Bell Labs is hosting a two-day event  celebrating 50 years of the Unix operating system, reflecting on Unix’s past and exploring the future of computing. Speakers and panelists include many of the original team that built Unix and designed the C programming language.  

Microsoft Open Sources SandDance  
Tuesday 22 October

sanddancelogoMicrosoft has open sourced a rewritten version of SandDance, its data visualization tool. The rewritten version has been reworked as an embeddable component that can be used in native JavaScript or React apps. 

Python Script Invalidates Hundreds Of Papers  
Monday 21 October

nmrerrorThis news item is interesting not just because it is a lesson to us all, but because of the way it is being reported as "Bug In Python Script ..." with the suggestion that Python is the cause of the problem. The truth is, in fact, much more interesting. 

Bazel 1.0 Released  
Monday 21 October

bazelBazel 1.0 has been released with better integration on Windows via genrule support, as well as improvements to the handling of C++ and Java. Bazel is an open source tool that automates software building and testing. 

Bjarne Stroustrup On Why Learn C++  
Sunday 20 October

stroustrup 155x207In a recent interview Bjarne Stroustrup advocates learning C++, the language he started to create while a PhD student in 1979. 


AI Wins At Rubik's Cube With Just One Hand  
Saturday 19 October

handiconA better headline would have been "with one hand tied behind its back" but this robot doesn't have another hand and no back you speak of. It does however have two neural networks and can solve the cube using just one hand. What is the importance of this work? 

Know Your Worth - Insights Into Developer Pay  
Friday 18 October

stackoverflowsqStack Overflow has updated its salary calculator, a tool you can use to investigate representative salaries for the software industry based on experience level, location, education, and specific technologies. 

Google AMP Joins OpenJS Foundation  
Friday 18 October

ampGoogle has announced its AMP framework will join the OpenJS Foundation. AMP has been open source for the last four years, but the move will make it less Google-centric. 

Python 3.8 Adds Walrus Operator  
Thursday 17 October

python3The latest release of Python, 3.8, is available with many new features and optimizations. Notable improvements include a walrus operator and positional-only parameters. 

Grail Open Sources Bigslice Cluster Computing For Golang   Thursday 17 October

bigsliceGRAIL has open sourced two projects, Bigslice and Bigmachine, which enable distributed computation across large datasets using simple Golang programs. 


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