Hands-on Azure Boards (Apress)
Friday, 18 October 2019

Subtitled "Configuring and Customizing Process Workflows in Azure DevOps Services", in this book authors Chaminda Chandrasekara and Pushpa Herath cover Azure Boards configuration and advanced administration. The book starts from setting up Azure Boards projects and goes as far as multiple modules, security options, and working with the REST API and CLI.



Authors: Chaminda Chandrasekara and Pushpa Herath
Publisher: Apress
Date: September 2019
Pages: 353
ISBN: 978-1484250457
Print: 1484250451
Kindle: B07YHJH4PG
Audience:Azure Devops
Level: Intermediate
Category: Data Science

  • Plan and manage work with Azure Boards
  • Use the REST API and command line interface with Azure Boards
  • Extend Azure Boards with useful extensions to enhance its capabilities 
  • Customize Azure Boards to adapt it to your process
  • Report and visualize work progress with Azure Boards

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Effective Java 3e

Author: Joshua Bloch
Publisher: Addison Wesley, 2018
Pages: 412
ISBN: 978-0134685991
Print: 0134685997
Kindle: B078H61SCH
Audience: Existing Java programmers
Rating: 5
Reviewer: Alex Armstrong
A third edition of a classic on Java - what could go wrong?

The Rust Programming Language

Author: Steve Klabnik and Carol Nichols
Publisher: No Starch Press
Date: June 2018
Pages: 552
ISBN: 978-1593278281
Print: 1593278284
Kindle: B071YKRV8Q
Audience: Systems programmers
Rating: 4.8
Reviewer: Mike James

Rust has been getting a lot of attention - what's the fuss all about? This is the standa [ ... ]

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