February Week 4
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Saturday, 06 March 2021

Our weekly digest lists the week's news, new titles added to our Book Watch Archive and our weekly book review. This week's first featured article comes from the newly published Micro:bit IoT in C, 2nd Edition. The second reveals how the async/await asynchronous programming facilities in .NET facilitate writing an elegant application that makes correct use of the UI.

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February 25 - March 3, 2021    

Featured Articles    

Micro:bit - Morse Transmitter
Harry Fairhead
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The micro:bit has a built-in radio that can be used to create a very simple Morse code transmitter. This is an extract from the newly published second edition of my book on programming the micro:bit in C, now covering both the original version and V2.

Async, Await and the UI Problem
Mike James
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The async/await asynchronous programming facilities in .NET solve one of its longstanding problems - how to write an elegant application that uses the UI correctly. But to avoid problems you still need to understand both the problem and the solution.


Programming News and Views   

What Makes Python Great & Greater
03 Mar | Mike James
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In this second look at the results of the Python Developers Survey 2020, we focus on the features in Python that developers value and those they would like to see in future versions.

Microsoft's New Language - Power FX
03 Mar | Janet Swift
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As if we didn't have enough computer languages, Microsoft has just announced yet another - Power FX - but it isn't as new as it might sound and you might want to argue that it isn't even a language.

Do Specifications Lead To More Secure Code
02 Mar | Alex Armstrong
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A recent arXiv paper provides insights into whether program specification is a useful tool for security-related tasks. It also reveals that developers often fail to store passwords securely, despite claiming to be doing it right.

Hasura GraphQL Adds REST Support
02 Mar | Kay Ewbank
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The open source Hasura GraphQL Engine has been updated with improvements including support for using REST and a GraphQL API gateway.

Google Jetpack Compose UI Toolkit Now In Beta
01 Mar | Nikos Vaggalis
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Google has launched a beta version of Jetpack Compose, a new UI toolkit that is designed to make it faster and easier to build native Android apps. The developers say that Compose offers modern, declarative Kotlin APIs, that can be used to build "beautiful, responsive apps with way less code".

Amazon Amplify Adds Flutter And Vue Support
01 Mar | Kay Ewbank
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Amazon Amplify, the open source library for interacting with cloud services that use JavaScript applications, now has support for Flutter and Vue 3.

AI Reanimation Brings Portraits To Life
28 Feb | David Conrad
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A new AI-derived feature added to genealogy site, MyHeritage lets you see how a person from an old photo might have looked if they were captured on video.

Google Funding For Linux Security
26 Feb | Sue Gee
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In an initiative that signals the importance of security in the ongoing sustainability of open source software, Google has announced that with the Linux Foundation it is providing funding for two full-time maintainers for Linux kernel security development. 

New To Perl? What Do You Need? The Results
26 Feb | Nikos Vaggalis
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The results and analysis of a recent survey into what help and guidance Perl beginners would find useful revealed that learning Perl can be a lifelong challenge and that more step-by-step tutorial might well help.

Open-CV Python Now Official Project
25 Feb | Kay Ewbank
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OpenCV.org has announced that the popular and long-running package OpenCV-Python is now an official OpenCV project.

What is Python Used For?
25 Feb | Janet Swift
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JetBrains and the Python Software Foundation have released the results of its latest survey to reveal the current state of the language, the ecosystem around it, including insights into who uses Python and for what purposes. 


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Full Review 

Reviewer: Kay Ewbank  Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Verdict: Overall, this is a very good book, and if you're writing WordPress plugins you should read it and follow its advice. I'd have liked a bit more overview, but it's a very minor niggle, and it shouldn't put you off buying and benefiting from this book.

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