September Week 2
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Saturday, 18 September 2021

This week saw the publication of the Deep C# Sharp: Dive into Modern C#, the latest title in the I Programmer Library. All are books written by members of our team and between them cover programming in JavaScript, C, Python and Kotlin, Computer Science, IoT and spreadsheeting - topics we cover on this site.

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September 9 - 15, 2021

Featured Articles      

Deep C#: Strong Typing
Mike James
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C# is a strongly typed langauge but what does this mean and why is it good. Find out in this extract from the new book by Mike James, Deep C#: Dive Into Modern C#.

Sorting And Search Algorithms as Dances
Mike James
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One surprise viral success for I Programmer was the amazing "Sorting Algorithms as Dances", a set of videos by Sapientia University that show how to sort things by dancing the various algorithms. If you missed them so far, or are ready for a re-run, here's a compilation of the entire set.


Programming News and Views    

PHP - Essential But Underappreciated
15 Sep | Sue Gee
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We always knew that PHP is the common server-side web technology. Even so, discovering PHP is used by almost 80% of websites and that the next most used server-side languages has less than 10% is something of an eye opener. 


The Complexity Of Pizza Sharing
15 Sep | Mike James
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So you have a pizza with n different toppings and you want to share it with a friend so that you each get the same amount of each topping. How many cuts do you need to make?

Flutter Improves Performance
14 Sep | Kay Ewbank
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There's an updated version of Flutter with improvements including performance and feature improvements to help users track down performance problems in their own apps, full screen support for Android, updated text editing to support switchable keyboard shortcuts, and a better Widget Inspector.

Understand Gradle In Half An Hour
14 Sep | Nikos Vaggalis
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Gradle, the build automation tool for multi-language software development that is widely used for Android is notoriously difficult to use. To help, here's a YouTube playlist on "Understanding Gradle" that is straight to the point.

Epic v Apple - Both Sides Lose But It's A Win For Developers
13 Sep | Lucy Black
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Finally we can report a result from the Apple vs. Epic Games lawsuit. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has issued a permanent injunction saying that Apple can no longer forbid developers from directing users to third-party payment options, giving devs the prospect of better revenue from in-app purchases.

Microsoft Open Sources Java Garbage Collection Analyzer
13 Sep | Kay Ewbank
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Microsoft has made a collection of libraries for analyzing HotSpot Java garbage collection (GC) log files available in an open source form. GCToolkit parses log files into discrete events and provides an API for aggregating data from those events.

Repair, Repurpose, Upgrade With the Raspberry Pi Or Pico
12 Sep | Harry Fairhead
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Teasmade is an open source project from VEEB on GitHub that provides a great example of "upcyclying" - breathing new life into discarded or even broken items using your programming and electronics skills.

Ideal Employer? Google Is The Students Choice
10 Sep | Sue Gee
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For the fourth year in a row Google ranked top as the employer that Computer Science students would like to work for.


A Deep Dive Into PostgreSQL Indexes
10 Sep | Nikos Vaggalis
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If you are at all confused about which of PostgreSQL index to choose for a specific use case, there's a  free course from Percona University designed to help you.

Visual Studio Code Adds Language Detection
09 Sep | Mike James
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The latest monthly update to Visual Studio Code has been released with improvements including automatic language detection of the programming language when code is pasted into the editor.

Apache Drill 1.19 Milestone Release Adds Cassandra Connector
09 Sep | Kay Ewbank
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Apache Drill has been updated in what the developers are calling its biggest release ever. Version 1.19 adds new connectors for Apache Cassandra, Elasticsearch, and Splunk, along with Avro support for the Kafka plugin.



Books of the Week

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Full Review 

  • Professional C++, 5th Ed (Wrox)
    Reviewer: Mike James Rating: 4 out of 5  

    Verdict:  This a big book and I'm fairly sure that, while not all of it will be useful to any given reader, there is bound to be something that fills a hole in your knowledge. This is not a book for the C++ beginner and it probably best suits a reader who wants to brush up on their existing C++ skills. If you are looking for a C++ primer or reference work then this isn't the book for you. It is more a general reader in programming technique with C++ used as the example language.

Added to Book Watch

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From the I Programmer Library

Published this week:

  • |Deep C#: Dive Into Modern C# by Mike James


    In Deep C# Mike James, who has programmed in C# since its launch in 2000, provides a “deep dive” into various topics that are important or central to the language at a level that will suit the majority of C# programmers. Not everything will be new to any given reader, but by exploring the motivation behind key concepts, which is so often ignored in the documentation, the intention is to be thought-provoking and to give developers confidence to exploit C#’s wide range of features.


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