October Week 1
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Saturday, 09 October 2021

This weekly digest provides a summary of all our content. This week was Dyslexia Awareness Week in the UK and Mike James, who is dyslexic looks at how this can be an advantage for a programmer. We also have a second extract from his newly published book on C#, looking at the way C# treats data.

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September 30 - October 6, 2021

Featured Articles      

Deep C# - Value And Reference
Mike James
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Value and reference are a fundamental division in the way C# treats data. It is important that you understand the differences and, most importantly, when to use a struct and when to use a class. These aren't just differences in efficiency, they affect the semantics too. Find out in this extract from my new book, Deep C#:Dive Into Modern C#.

Dyslexia and Programming
Mike James
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Many programmers, including some of the brightest and best, are dyslexic - how does that work!?


Programming News and Views    

Questions Raised About .NET Foundation
06 Oct | Sue Gee
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A member of the .NET Foundation board who resigned, disillusioned with an organization that doesn't appear to support its members or foster open source sustainability, has made his views public.

Python 3.10 Is The New Standard
06 Oct | Mike James
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New Python releases come as no surprise as we all know about them during their development and many opt to use them before they are finally released. Python 3.10 has a few welcome improvements, but I'd say none are major - see if you agree.

$1 Million SOS Rewards Pilot Program
05 Oct | Sue Gee
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With Google sponsorship, the Linux Foundation has launched the Secure Open Source Rewards pilot program to incentivize improvements that proactively harden critical open source projects and their supporting infrastructure against application and supply chain attacks. Rewards range from $505 to $10,000 or more.

Swift 5.5 Adds Concurrency Support
05 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Swift 5.5 has been released with new features for asynchronous code and concurrency including async/await, structured concurrency, and Actors.  Swift is Apple's language that was originally developed as an alternative language to Objective C.

JetBrains JavaScript Day 2021
04 Oct | Ian Elliot
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JetBrains is organizing a free virtual event covering a variety of aspects of the JavaScript ecosystem. It takes place on October 14th with all presentations being streamed live on You Tube, where they will remain available after the event.

Amazon Releases Natural Language Query Tool
04 Oct | Kay Ewbank
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Amazon has released a natural language query tool for use with its QuickSight BI service. QuickSight Q is for use with the Enterprise Edition of QuickSight.

Copy & Paste The Stack Overflow Way
03 Oct | Sue Gee
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A keypad just for Copy and Paste. Who would have thought of that? The third key is the clue - Stack Overflow. Having started out as Stack Overflow's April Fool's joke, The Key Macropad has now become a real commodity from tech retailer Drop.

DeepMind Takes On The Rain
01 Oct | Sue Gee
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DeepMind has proved once again the outstanding prowess of  neural networks. Working with the UK Met Office it has developed a deep-learning tool that can accurately predict the likelihood of rain in the next 90 minutes, one of weather forecasting’s toughest challenges.

PostgreSQL 14 Is Here - A Look At Its Past And Future
01 Oct | Nikos Vaggalis
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The latest release of PostgreSQL has new and exciting features. We look the most worthwhile of them identified by Umair Shahid, Head of PostgreSQL at Percona while referring to the past ideas that shaped their foundation.

Microsoft Store For Windows Becoming A Department Store
30 Sep | Sue Gee
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Microsoft is taking the unprecedented step of allowing other vendors to set up shop within the app store that launches next week. Amazon and Epic Games have already accepted Microsoft's invitation to integrate into the open-to-all Microsoft Store on Windows.

GitLab Adds Security Scan Policies
30 Sep | Kay Ewbank
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GitLab, the web-based repository manager for Git, has been updated with improvements including project-level security scan execution policies and improved SAST to reduce Ruby false positives. GitLab provides issue-tracking, continuous integration, and deployment pipeline support.


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This book is designed for teams using Scrum and Azure DevOps together for developing complex products. The author, Richard Hundhausen, says it wouldn't be as useful if the product you're working on isn't complex.

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  • Deep C#: Dive Into Modern C# by Mike James


    In Deep C#, I Programmer's Mike James, who has programmed in C# since its launch in 2000, provides a “deep dive” into various topics that are important or central to the language at a level that will suit the majority of C# programmers. Not everything will be new to any given reader, but by exploring the motivation behind key concepts, which is so often ignored in the documentation, the intention is to be thought-provoking and to give developers confidence to exploit C#’s wide range of features.


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