GitLab Announces AI-Assisted Vulnerability Checks
Written by Alex Denham   
Monday, 08 May 2023

GitLab, the web-based repository manager for Git, has announced an experimental AI-assisted vulnerability recommendations feature.

GitLab specializes in providing a centralized, integrated platform for web developers with extensive features.


The experimental feature is part of GitLab's larger AI-assisted code suggestions feature, which was announced earlier this year as a way to improve developer productivity without context switching. GitLabs Code Suggestions is free for all Ultimate and Premium customers as part of a closed beta.


GitLab says intelligent code security will offer automatic detection of insecure coding including code quality, as well as automatic remediation of insecure coding or  security vulnerabilities. The developers say:

"This will enable us to provide "auto-healing" as well as empower customers with solutions so they can reduce future insecure coding practices."

Examples given by GitLab include "auto-suggesting remedies and fixes to configuration" based on what the company has learned from source code history and making use of knowledge from abstract code graphs at scale to prevent others from running into the same issues the "ticket-reporting" customer ran into.

The feature combines basic vulnerability information with insights derived from the customer’s code to explain the vulnerability in context, demonstrate how it can be exploited, and provide an example fix. GitLab says initial testing shows significant promise in reducing the time to determine a fix for a vulnerability.

GitLab Code Suggestions is available in beta now.


More Information

GitLab Homepage

2023 GitLab Global DevSecOps Report: Security Without Sacrifices

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