GitLab 14 Offers DIY DevOps Alternative
Monday, 28 June 2021

GitLab, the web-based repository manager for Git, has been updated with improvements designed to give teams an alternative to maintaining DIY DevOps chains. GitLab supports concurrent devops and issue-tracking, with tools for software development, deployment, and project management.

The GitLab developers say that the new release delivers modern DevOps with a complete DevOps platform, for a streamlined experience.


Converting the headlines about "Velocity with confidence" and "visibility and insights" into actual features, there's an updated version of the pipeline editor first introduced in GitLab 13.8, and the Kubernetes agent that was also released earlier in the year has been enhanced. Other improvements include epic boards and a Terraform module registry.

Epic board in GitLab14

The pipeline editor has been designed for CI/CD with some enhanced functionality such as built-in linting and configuration validation. The editor has a pipeline visualizer that shows what the pipelines will look like before you commit your changes. The GitLab developers say it lowers the barrier to entry for CI/CD while also accelerating power users, with visual authoring and versioning, continuous validation, and pipeline visualization.

GitLab 14’s Kubernetes Agent provides a secure connection between a GitLab instance and a Kubernetes cluster, and allows pull-based deployments to receive alerts based on the network policies. GitLab 14 also supports GitOps with agent-based and agentless approaches and allows for deployments anywhere, and works with both cloud-native infrastructure and 'standard' environments.

Other improvements in the new release include Epic Boards that can be used to show the status of epics continuously. Previous versions of GitLab required you to view and sort epics in a list to view the overall status, which meant that to keep an epic up to date meant making most changes through an epic’s detail page. Epic Boards can be used to visualize and refine all of your epics in one place, using a customizable, drag-and-drop interface so any member of a team can collaborate.

There's also a new built-in Terraform module registry that developers can use to discover Terraform modules with semantic versioning support for upgrades and maintenance. It's also possible to publish Terraform modules using GitLab CI/CD.

GitLab 14 is available now.



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