Vercel Announces AI Accelerator And Playground
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 16 June 2023

Vercel has announced AI Accelerator, a program for AI builders and early stage startups, along with AI Playground, an environment in which developers can experiment with AI technologies. Applications for the Vercel AI Accelerator are open until June 30. 

Vercel's CEO is Guillermo Rauch, the creator of the Next.js React framework, and the company maintains Next.js. Vercel is a cloud platform as a service provider for frontend developers.


Vercel provides automatic deployment to production whenever you push to a branch in your GitHub repository. It also offers edge functions for serverless handling of tasks such as authentication, authorization, and data processing. Vercel also integrates with popular CI/CD tools such as GitHub Actions and CircleCI.

The new AI Accelerator is a program open to AI builders and early stage startups, and consists of a six week scheme in which 40 of the industry's top innovators will receive assistance in creating and developing next-generation AI apps. Participation is limited to those based in the US. Applications are open until June 30 and to there's a form to fill in here. Participants will be announced on July 7 and the 6-week program takes place from July 10 - August 18. Participants will also be invited to an optional in-person meetup in San Francisco where speakers from both Vercel and OpenAI will be present. The program concludeson August with a demo day where participants can present their projects to a wide audience. Judges will select three winners and the winners will receive over $100k in credits from Vercel and its partners.

All participants will gain access to a range of resources and benefits in particualr API credits from the top AI platforms including Anthropic, Banana, Chroma, Cohere, ElevenLabs, Hugging Face, Modal Labs, Pinecone, Replicate, Stability AI, and OpenAI with a total value for participants and winners of $871k. They will also have access to a private community to take part in discussions, encourage collaboration, and share insights. There will be coaching consisting of weekly fireside chats and office hours featuring top AI startups, investors, and builders sharing their experiences and insights. Vercel is also offering comprehensive guides, templates, and video resources to help participants get started and scale their AI applications.


Alongside the AI Accelerator, Vercel has announced an AI Playground,, where developers can try out and experiment with AI technologies and compare, tune, and play with the latest AI language models.. The playground comes with preconfigured environments and can be used to run multiple models with the same prompt and compare the responses side-by-side; to tweak models to find the best parameters for your use; and connect an app to any of the AI models with auto-generated code snippets for Next.js, SvelteKit and Node.js using the Vercel AI SDK.

More Information

Vercel Website

Vercel AI Accelerator

Vercel AI Playground

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