JetBrains Integrates Gemini Into AI Assistant
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 18 June 2024

JetBrains has integrated Google DeepMind's Gemini language model into its AI-powered coding tool, AI Assistant. AI Assistant will now use the combined power of Gemini and several of JetBrains' proprietary models.


The AI Assistant is an upgrade to an earlier profiling tool, with extra features including an integrated AI chat, code explanations, automated documentation generation, name suggestion, and commit message generation. The assistant also adds GitLab integration to streamline the development workflow, allowing developers to work with Merge Requests directly from the IDE.

AI Assistant chooses the most optimal model for each task. The JetBrains AI service behind the tool connects users to different LLMs and providers to use the best-performing and most cost-efficient models, and this now includes Gemini. At the point JetBrains announced AI Assistant it said that the architecture means new future models can be used without the need for users to change AI providers, and the integration of Gemini is the first example of this. JetBrains is planning to augment its own models and continue integrating other LLM providers in the future.

The service does not send more data to the LLM than needed, and the data is never used for training any generative models by either JetBrains or its AI service providers. JetBrains is also developing an on-premises version of the JetBrains AI service aimed at customers with more strict security requirements.

JetBrains says the integration of Gemini will unlock a number of new use cases with its long context window, advanced reasoning, and overall performance. It will also help with the use cases where cost efficiency at high volume and low latency are important. This functionality will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Enterprise plan users will be able to configure which LLM their team members can use.

JetBrains had an exclusive preview of Gemini Pro and Ultra during their AI Hackathon with Google a few months ago, saw their potential and now integrated it to make its AI Assistant the only tool that chooses the best large language model for each problem.

AI Assistant is available inside JetBrains IDEs and can generate code for any request, suggest a fix for a particular problem or refactor a function. On average, developers report saving up to 8 hours per week with JetBrains AI Assistant.



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