JetBrains AI Coding Assistant Now Generally Available
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 07 December 2023

JetBrains has announced that its AI-powered coding tool is now generally available for its IDEs. The tool was announced earlier in the year but until now has been on limited access.

The AI Assistant is an upgrade to an earlier profiling tool, with extra features including an integrated AI chat, code explanations, automated documentation generation, name suggestion, and commit message generation. The assistant also adds GitLab integration to streamline the development workflow, allowing developers to work with Merge Requests directly from the IDE.


AI Assistant is available now for users of JetBrains IDEs, and JetBrains says it will soon be available in other JetBrains products. The tool is backed by OpenAI (GPT-3.5 and GPT-4) as the first third-party provider and a number of JetBrains' proprietary large language models (LLMs).

James Dyett, Head of Platform Accounts at OpenAI, commented:

“It’s remarkable to see JetBrains integrate the power of OpenAI models into the daily workflow of developers. By Infusing JetBrains’ AI Assistant with our models' advanced reasoning capabilities, developer productivity can be greatly enhanced across a range of tasks such as code comprehension and authoring."

JetBrains says the AI Assistant comes with a number of tightly integrated and context-aware AI features. Developers have a chat feature for having a conversation with the LLMs, asking the AI questions, or requesting it to iterate on a task, while the IDE automatically provides the required project-specific context, such as the languages and technologies used in your project. The answers contain code snippets that can be copied to the editor, or developers can copy snippets from the editor and reference project entities in chat messages. In the editor, AI Assistant features include multiline code completion, documentation and test generation, identifier name suggestions, AI-suggested refactoring, and code explanation.

The JetBrains AI service behind the tool connects users to different LLMs and providers to use the best-performing and most cost-efficient models for the task in hand. This architecture means new future models can be used without the need for users to change AI providers. JetBrains is planning to augment its own models and continue integrating other LLM providers in the future.

The service does not send more data to the LLM than needed, and the data is never used for training any generative models by either JetBrains or its AI service providers. JetBrains is also developing an on-premises version of the JetBrains AI service aimed at customers with more strict security requirements.

The JetBrains AI service is available as a subscription with different plans for individuals and teams, and a free trial available to holders of JetBrains product licenses.

Alongside the general availability of AI Assistant, the 2023.3 update contains other improvements, including several UX changes to simplify access to IDE features. A new Run to Cursor inlay option allows you to execute up to a specific line of code while debugging, and a new floating toolbar appears next to selected code fragments and provides easy access to code editing actions such as Extract, Surround, Reformat, and Comment. On-device Full Line Code Completion for Python and TypeScript uses deep learning to provide multi-token code suggestions.

There's also a revamped way to review changes, where users can see all of the modified files from a changeset in a single, scrollable frame instead of going through each file one by one.


More Information

JetBrains Website

Jetbrains AI Launch Event onYouTube

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