AI Video Winners Announced
Written by Lucy Black   
Sunday, 21 February 2016

So who needs the Oscars... The winners of the AAAI video competition have been announced and you could say who needs AI as we picked one of the winners without the help of any advanced data processing.

The tenth AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) video competition awards were presented on February 15th in Phoenix. Of the 24 videos submitted six received awards. 

The best video award went to

Machine Learning Techniques for Reorchestrating the European Anthem

Which was my personal choice and that of David Conrad when we first reported on it. You have to admit that it is a nice idea:


However we didn't do so well picking the other winners. No one on the I Programmer team picked the Best Robot Video although on watching it again I can't think why - it's great!

Best Robot Video: A Sea of Robots:


Mike James did, however, pick the winner of the Best Student Video. He liked it because it was on a topic that he's very interested in - and it is a very polished presentation. 

Best Student Video: Deep Neural Networks are Easily Fooled:


We also didn't pick the winner of the Most Entertaining Video although with hindsight, a wonderful prediction tool, it was blindingly obvious that anything called "Finding Linda" should have won - perhaps it was the subtitle that put us off!

Most Entertaining Video:Finding Linda - A Search and Rescue Mission by SWARMIX. 


We also failed to spot the last two winners. 

Best Application of AI: Save the Wildlife, Save the Planet: Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security. 


Although the odds of winning would have had to be adjusted up, Baysian style of course, if anyone of us had noticed the "Heros" reference in the title and the shamefully blatant use of the acronym PAWS. The lengths some people will go to, to win a video competition. 

The final winner is the crowd-selected people's choice award and I guess our votes must have been too evenly distributed for us to make a difference. 

Peoples Choice Award: AI for Livable Cities: 


Well that about wraps it up from the red carpet, or perhaps that should be "read" given the academic nature of the gathering, for this year. Watch out for next year's competition and if you are into AI why not consider making a video.



In case you are wondering what the strange things with a "pin" in the top are that the winners are holding then I should tell you that they are "Shakeys" named after the pioneering Shakey robot, built at SRI, Stanford and far far more valuable than any Oscar. 

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