Apache Migrates To GitHub
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Wednesday, 01 May 2019

The Apache Software Foundation has migrated its Git service to GitHub. This is the end point of a restructuring from using Apache's own version control service, Apache Subversion, along with Git, to using only GitHub.

Apache is the world’s largest open source foundation, with over 200 million lines of code managed by an all-volunteer community of 730 members and 7,000 code contributors. Over their 20 year history, one billion lines of code have been committed across three million code commits.


The move has been made, according to Apache, because an increasing number of projects and their communities wanted to see their source code available on GitHub. This caused some problems because the read-only mirrors meant it was difficult to use GitHub's tools on those repositories. In order to make it possible, Apache began work on integrating GitHub's repository and tooling, with Apache's own services back in 2016. The integration options have been improved, debugged, and solidified, and in late 2018, Apache asked all projects to move away from its own internal git service to that provided by GitHub.
The advantage this offers is that all GitHub's tooling is now available for use on Apache projects, while Apache still maintains a backup mirror.  For Apache itself, the move means the foundation can concentrate on its core aims of building software and the developer community.


GitHub Chief Executive Officer Nat Friedman said:

"We're proud to have such a long standing member of the Open Source community migrate to GitHub. Whether we're working with individual Open Source maintainers and contributors or some of the world's largest Open Source foundations like Apache, GitHub's mission is to be the home for all developers by supporting Open Source communities, addressing their unique needs, and helping Open Source projects thrive."


More Information

Apache Dev Intrastructure

Apache Software Foundation

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