Apache Software Foundation - 21 Years Following the Apache Way
Written by Sue Gee   
Monday, 30 March 2020

The Apache Software Foundation, the world's largest open software foundation celebrated its 21st Anniversary by reminding us of "The Apache Way".


When it was incorporated on March 25, 1999 the Apache Software Foundation had 21 volunteer members overseeing the development of the Apache HTTP Server. Still an all-volunteer organization, the ASF now has 765 individual Members, 206 Apache Project Management Committees, and 7,600+ Committers. and caters for over 350 open source projects and initiatives. As we reported last year the 200M+ lines of Apache code are valued at more than $20B.

"The Apache Way" refers to the development process that the community uses with respect to both new and existing projects. Its edict, spelled out in the 21st Anniversary blog post, involves: 

    • Earned Authority: all individuals are given the opportunity to participate based on publicly earned merit, i.e., what they contribute to the community.

In addition to the ASF’s 21st Anniversary, the Apache community is celebrating milestone anniversaries of the following projects:

  • 25 Years - Apache HTTP Server
  • 21 Years - Apache OpenOffice (at the ASF since 2011), Xalan, Xerces
  • 20 Years - Apache Jakarta (Apache Open Source Java projects), James, mod_perl, Tcl, APR/Portable Runtime, Struts, Subversion (at the ASF since 2009), Tomcat
  • 19 Years - Apache Avalon, Commons, log4j, Lucene, Torque, Turbine, Velocity
  • 18 Years - Apache Ant, DB, FOP, Incubator, POI, Tapestry
  • 17 Years - Apache Cocoon, James, Logging Services, Mavin, Web Services
  • 16 Years - Apache Gump, Portals, Struts, Geronimo, SpamAssassin, Xalan, XML Graphics
  • 15 Years - Apache Lucene, Directory, MyFaces, Xerces, Tomcat

Happy Anniversary to all the above and long may you continue to flourish.by following the Apache Way.



More Information

The Apache® Software Foundation Celebrates 21 Years of Open Source Leadership

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