MonoDevelop Updated
Written by Mike James   
Tuesday, 11 October 2011

MonoDevelop 2.8 has been released, less than a month after the previous major update (2.6) to this open source IDE  for C# and other .NET languages.


MonoDevelop, the open source .NET IDE enables developers to write desktop and ASP.NET Web applications on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX and to  port .NET applications created with Visual Studio to Linux and Mac OSX with a single code base for all platforms.



Many new features and improvements were included in MonoDevelop 2.6 (see list below) which also had the distinction of being the first release since Xamarin, the company composed of more than 20 members of the team that built Mono, was founded in May 2011.

  • Version Control
    • Support for GIT
    • Improved version control views
    • New conflict resolution window
  • Project Model
    • User defined policies
    • Improved support for xbuild/MSBuild
    • Support for .NET 4.0
    • New Add Folder to Project command
  • Source Editing
    • MCS based parser and formatting engine
    • New C# formatting options dialog
    • New path bar
    • VI mode improvements
    • DocFood add-in
    • Improved XML editing experience
  • Debugger
    • IL disassembly view
    • Catchpoints and conditional breakpoints in the Win32 debugger
    • Improved support for debugging anonymous methods and iterators
    • New Stop Evaluation command
  • Tools
    • Improved T4 Templating Engine
  • Mac OSX
    • Native file dialogs
  • C / C++
    • Improved symbol navigation and completion using ctags
    • Limited navigation and completion support for the default OSX ctags
    • Rudimentary project support for Objective C
  • Add-in management
    • New add-in manager window

The latest release, MonoDevelop  2.8,  has new functions for project management and new syntax highlighting but mainly provides changes for Mac developers.  Xcode 4 can now be used to edit Interface Builder files, in a similar way to MonoTouch projects. Other improvements are those listed below:

  • Mac Development improvements
    • Xcode 4 Support
    • Application Settings  now stored in a .plist file
    • New editor for .plist files
    • New project templates
    • Support for native library references
    • The location of the MonoTouch and iOS SDKs is now configurable
    • TestFlight integration

For more information and to download:


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