Azure Functions 3.0 Goes Live
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 19 December 2019

Azure Functions 3.0 has been released with the ability to target .NET Core 3.1 and Node 12, though it won't become the default for new apps until Microsoft has made some tooling improvements to the new release.

Azure Functions is a service that you can use to set up functions that are activated when specific events happen, such as an HTTP request, an event from a queue, timer or SQL trigger - any event from another service can trigger a function. It fulfills a similar role to AWS Lambda on the Amazon cloud.



Alongside the support for .NET Core 3.1 and Node 12, the new release has some breaking changes.  Specifically,  for JavaScript Node.js 8 is no longer supported and won't execute in Functions 3.

Other changes for JavaScript mean output bindings behave the same as setting in context.bindings; the timer trigger object is camelCase rather than PascalCase, and Event Hub triggers with a binary datatype will receive a binary array rather than a string; and the HTTP payload is less accessible.

The only breaking change for .NET is that synchronous server operations are disabled by default.

However, while the new release is production ready, it won't be the default version for developers until January 2020. In a blog post, Microsoft said:

"While the runtime is now ready for production, and most of the tooling and performance optimizations are rolling out soon, there are still some tooling improvements to come before we announce Functions 3.0 as the default for new apps."

The post continues that the plan is to announce Functions 3.0 as the default version for new apps in January 2020. The list of tooling improvements include support for PowerShell functions, and durable functions written in JavaScript being unavailable until the next Durable Functions release.


Microsoft isn't going to deprecate earlier versions of Azure Functions, and customers running Azure Functions targeting 1.0 or 2.0 will also continue to receive security updates and patches moving forward—to both the Azure Functions runtime and the underlying .NET runtime—for apps running in Azure. 



More Information

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