Amazon Braket Now Generally Available
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 14 September 2020

Amazon Braket is now generally available. The service provides access to quantum computing from a range of suppliers of both classically-powered circuit simulators and quantum computers from D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti.

Amazon Braket isn't actually a quantum creation by Amazon. Instead, it's a standard way of specifying an arrangement of quantum gates that can then be run on a simulator.


Amazon describes Braket as:

"A fully managed service that allows scientists, researchers, and developers to begin experimenting with computers from multiple quantum hardware providers in a single place."

Braket notation is commonly used to denote quantum mechanical states, and inspired the name of the service. When the service was announced, Amazon also announced it was opening a research center adjacent to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) designed to bring together researchers and engineers to accelerate development of quantum computing hardware and software. They also announced Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, which will connect AWS customers with quantum computing experts from Amazon and consulting partners.

Braket can be launched from a notebook-style interface


As Mike James pointed out when the service was announced in beta last year:

"Braket is nothing really new - IBM, Microsoft and others offer similar facilities. What we have is a standard way of specifying an arrangement of quantum gates that can be then run on a simulator.

"We refer to this as some sort of programming, but to be honest it is nothing like what we know as programming. It is essentially finding transformations of quantum states that give you a new state that yields the answer. This is a tough technique to crack and you cannot suppose that being able to program puts you in a good position to tackle programming a quantum machine, which is more like arranging a simulation that gives you the result you need."

Amazon has also released the Amazon Braket Python SDK, an open source library to design and build quantum circuits, submit them to Amazon Braket devices as quantum tasks, and monitor their execution.


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