JetBrains Updates Datalore BI Platform
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 14 June 2022

JetBrains has updated Datalore Enterprise, its data science and BI platform, to add support for Docker-based installation. The Docker support means Datalore can be set up quickly in AWS, GCP, Azure or on an on-premises machine by running one Docker command.

Datalore comes in three versions - Community, Professional and Enterprise.It is available in a managed cloud for personal use on the Community and Professional plans, or as a privately hosted service for companies on the Enterprise plan


Community and Professional offer an online data science Jupyter notebook with smart coding assistance. This version includes smart coding assistance for Python, Kotlin, SQL, R and Scala in Jupyter notebooks.

Datalore Enterprise includes custom configurations for single sign on, environment configuration and computational resources.

To run code, users just need to open the browser, register, and create a Notebook. No additional setup is required. The top data science libraries are already pre-installed in Datalore, and users can collect and explore data, create machine learning and deep learning models, visualize results and share them with others.

The addition of the Docker-based installation for DataLore Enterprise means users can get a basic, private Datalore setup running in less than 10 minutes, according to JetBrains. Once the setup is running, users can then carry out further customization such as connecting authentication modules, setting up internal usage plans, and customizing environments.

In addition to the Docker support, Notebook scheduling has been added to the new release. This can be used to run notebooks on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis and deliver regular updates to published reports. Support has also been added for parameterized queries, meaning you can use variables defined in Python code inside the SQL cells to build interactive reports with parameterized queries.

Datalore Enterprise 2022.2 is available now. 


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