TriggerMesh Announces Shaker
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 06 December 2022

TriggerMesh has announced Shaker, an open source alternative to AWS EventBridge. TriggerMesh is a provider of a cloud native integration platform.

Shaker from TriggerMesh captures, transforms, and delivers events from both commercially available and custom event sources in a similar way to AWS EventBridge, but is open-source and can run anywhere that has Docker or Kubernetes. It is designed to capture events from all cloud providers as well as SaaS or custom applications.


The TriggerMesh team says the new tool provides easy access to events from various event sources for building event-driven applications while reducing cloud costs. Such events are often heterogeneous and need to be transformed, which requires additional tools. Shaker provides an easy, low-friction way to consume events. TriggerMesh captures, transforms, and delivers events without the need for code, though the tool does come with a CLI and Broker.

The Shaker project provides a unified way to work with events using the CloudEvents specification, and can be used with event sources and targets in AWS, Azure and GCP, Kafka, or simply HTTP webhooks.

It includes a transformation engine based on a simple DSL, and can be controlled via code-based transformations if necessary. TriggerMesh decouples producers and consumers and handles data interchange, so users can add and remove consumers and producers, and scale them independently.

The developers say Shaker can be easily embedded into any existing K8s cluster or simply run with Docker.

TriggerMesh co-founder and CEO Sebastien Goasguen said:

“Developers and platform engineers are craving for a simple eventing solution to support faster innovation within their organizations. The Shaker open-source AWS EventBridge alternative project will appeal to most DevOps, SREs, and platform engineers who are looking to boost their event-driven journey.”


More Information

TriggerMesh Website

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