Amazon Launches AWS Workflow Studio
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 06 July 2021

Amazon AWS has launched Workflow Studio for AWS Step Functions, a new visual builder for creating Step Functions workflows in the AWS Management Console.

Amazon Web Services is an Amazon subsidiary offering scalable cloud computing services. Developers have been able to construct Step Functions workflows with Amazon States Language (ASL) to put together multiple services to crease business applications.


The new Step Functions Workflow Studio extends this so that developers can build prototype workflows more rapidly using the graphical interface of the Step Functions console.

The workflo­­­ws can include all the same workflow states, patterns, and service integrations that were available using ASL You create states to define watch steps using forms that can be further edited. The workflow ASL definition can be exported for further editing in the console or using your choice of IDE. Workflow Studio can build new workflows or edit a pre-existing workflow.

AWS Flow

Workflow Studio has a States Browser where you can view and search the available actions and flow states. Actions are operations you can perform using AWS services, such as invoking an AWS Lambda function, making a request with Amazon API Gateway, and sending a message to an Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) topic. Flows are the state types you can use to make a workflow appropriate for your use case. Examples of flow states include Choice, which adds if-then-else logic; Parallel, which adds parallel branches; Map, which adds a for-each loop, and Wait, whcih delays for a specific time.

You can also create placeholders for AWS Lambda functions and other service integrations using Workflow Studio's drag-and-drop interface, so you can still design a workflow even if the functions you need aren't written yet. Once a workflow is prototyped you can save and continue to edit in the console or copy the ASL definition to your local IDE.

The Workflow Studio is included in Step Functions pricing at no additional fee.


More Information

AWS Step Functions Page

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