SIGGRAPH 2023 Real-Time Live! Trailer
Written by David Conrad   
Friday, 04 August 2023

This year's SIGGRAPH takes place next week and now we bring you the Real-Time Live! Trailer - a taste of what you might expect if you attend the early evening presentation in Los Angeles in person or follow the exclusive live streaming on Twitch.

This video was released just a month after my coverage of the 2023 Technical Paper Video  which now continues 

Its SIGGRAPH time of year again and the Technical Papers video has just been released - and wow! However, this is no laughing matter, in its 50th year never before has the future of computer graphics been so in doubt.


The first SIGGRAPH, 1974

SIGGRAPH, the conference where the best in computer graphics is revealed to the world is scheduled to happen in Los Angeles 6-10 August 2023. Long forgotten is the need to attend virtually and it looks like everything is all systems go for a traditional gathering - which is sort of strange as you might expect a graphics conference to embrace the idea of virtual presence. 

This is also the first conference to happen since the impact of Generative AI has started to sink in. With a new class of neural network proving itself capable of synthesising realistic images you have to ask why the graphics researchers are still working on their old "approximate physics" methods of rendering the world. It might be that these methods have a place as AI cannot do it all, but equally it might be that AI can render any scene you can describe without needing to know about phong shading or ray tracing.

What are the graphics people to do?

They can't really simply ban AI-generated content saying that it's cheating. AI-based graphics are still computer graphics and it looks as if it will become mainstream computer graphics in the near future. As the technical papers video shows, there are still lots of groups working on old-fashioned but "honest" computer graphics, but some are turning their attention to what can be achieved with the help of AI.

Take a look at this year's selection and have fun.

But also ponder the question, could AI do this without the detailed technical methods?

You will notice that some of the presentations do make use of AI, but it isn't even clear if these are graphics-based. If you use AI to make your characters dance - is that graphics? Even this use is a phase we must pass through before we get to issuing a verbal instruction to the AI to generate some video of characters dancing.


I have to admit that I still like the simple physics of pouring honey or water, but I am very aware that these are the last days of a great time we have all had.

Will rendering also be handed over to AI in future? In fact that future is already here and there there are several AI-related presentations in the SIGGRAPH 2023 Real-Time Live! program, namely:

  • ChatAvatar: Creating Hyper-realistic Physically Based 3D Facial Assets Through AI-driven Conversations
  • Interactive AI Material Generation and Editing in NVIDIA Omniverse
  • Real-time Collision Using AI
  • Roblox Generative AI in Action
  • Suit Up: AI MoCap

Described as "the most exciting event of the year for real-time rendering" this live event is scheduled for 6pm - 7..45pm PDT on Tuesday August 8th.




More Information

SIIGRAPH 2023 Real-Time Live!


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