Pac-Man Easter Egg In Google Maps
Written by David Conrad   
Wednesday, 01 April 2015

This year April Fools and Easter Day are only separated by a couple of days and Google has come up with a hidden gem to satisfy both - a Pac-Man game you can play on the streets of some famous places

If you open Google Maps today you might notice a new icon has appeared there, instantly recognizable as PAC-MAN.





Click on it and you'll find yourself transported to an exotic location where you can use your arrow keys to gobble up pac-dots and avoid ghosts.






If you've never played before the rules are available in Google Maps help:



There are only a few places around the world where you will see the PAC-MAN placemark so it's not a case of scouring your neighborhood to find a location to play. The help article has a list of clues - or you can just trust to luck!



Although this has been billed elsewhere as a gimmick for April 1st, the new Pac-Man mode in Google Map seems to good a treat just to include in our April Fools 2015 - A Round Up.

On the other hand, Google warns that the game will only be around for a little while, so share this news with anyone you think might like to play.




You can play on your desktop, your mobile or with Google's virtual reality game, Ingress.


More Information

Play PAC-MAN in Google Maps


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