Learn About Serverless with The Linux Foundation on edX
Written by Sue Gee   
Friday, 11 September 2020

A new free training course that explains serverless computing and provides first-hand experience in building and deploying code directly to a Kubernetes cluster has just launched on the edX platform.

Serverless computing, where computing loads are run using a service layer (or ‘function’) to dynamically configure and deploy cloud environments, has taken off over recent years and developers and IT operators with relevant skills are in high demand.

For those looking to improve their serverless skills, The Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation has created a 7-week self-paced online course, around 20 hours in total. It is taught by the Linux Foundation and Alex Ellis, founder of OpenFaaS.

Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes starts by explaining what “serverless” means and providing an overview of the CNCF  landscape around serverless technologies. 

It continues by showing how serverless can be made portable through the use of the Serverless 2.0 definition and Kubernetes. It introduces the OpenFaaS toolchain, including: UI, CLI and REST API and the OpenFaaS ecosystem, including the template store and function store for sharing functions and code templates.

Using Python you'll learn to build functions, configure them, and use secrets; add dependencies via pip, and learn how to build native extensions.


In the final part of the course you will explore the operational side of functions with Kubernetes. This will introduce auto-scaling, metrics, dashboards and how to expose them securely on the Internet with TLS.

Before enrolling, students should have experience with Python and an understanding of cloud and container technologies. Two other free courses also from The Linux Foundation, Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies and Introduction to Kubernetes can fill in this background.

While these courses are free of charge, if you want to take the final exam and earn a certificate that can be posted on LinkedIn or added to your resume or CV, you need to join the Verified Track. This costs $199 in the case of Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes.


More Information

Introduction to Serverless on Kubernetes

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