YouTube Courses On C++, Python and Blazor
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Friday, 12 February 2021

Here are three excellent online classes, all on YouTube, for learning a variety of programming languages - C++, Python and C# with Blazor!

First stop is the "C++ Programming SS20" course that ran in the summer of 2020 and was taught by Philipp Schubert at Paderborn University.This is a strong course that is taught many years at the University but now "thanks" to Covid it was recorded and was made available on YouTube for free.


Split into 14 weeks, it covers the basics in data types, memory allocation, error handling, lambda functions etc, before jumping into Object oriented programming and finally into static program analysis and the final project.

The full playlist can be found here, while the slides, code and other material can be found here.

Next stop is the "Intro to Python & Programming for non CS majors", recorded by Alexander Hess, a doctoral student of the Otto Beisheim School of Management. Nowadays, knowing how to program should not be a skill that just developers hone, but other professions should be getting some exposure to. This course caters for this kind of audience.


It's a course reflecting Alexander 's accumulated knowledge over the years of learning Python, beginning back in 2014.This spring due to Covid again, he found the time to record it on tape. And this Here is Youtube playlist and its Github repo is the result of his passion. It comprises 41 videos, accumulating 25 hours of viewing time. If you also do the readings and exercises, you should allocate roughly 90-120 hours. Since the exercises that reside in the Github repo that acts as a Jupyter notebook, the video tutorials emphasize on JupyterLab a lot.

First there's modules on Installing Anaconda Python on Windows 10 and launching JupyterLab, Navigating in JupyterLab effectively, Mastering Markdown & formatting text in JupyterLab,
before jumping into the core Python material:

  • A first example in Python: Finding the average of all even numbers in a list

  • Operators in Python (incl. operator overloading)

  • Object-Orientation & how memory works in Python

  • Variables in memory & how garbage collection works

  • Built-in functions, constructors, and callables

  • Creating anonymous functions with lambda expressions

and more. 

I have left the fun part for last. Learn to build Flappy Bird with Blazor WebAssembly! 

A 3-part, pure coding, series. No theory,no background. From minute one jumps straight into Visual Studio and Blazor Apps templates: The complete playlist is here.

While the pandemic isn't going anywhere soon, these resources offer a great educational opportunity while in self-isolation.


More Information

C++ Programming SS20

Intro to Python & Programming for non CS majors

Building Flappy Bird with Blazor WebAssembly


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