Codecov Opens Source Code
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 11 August 2023

Codecov has announced a change in the licensing model for its all-in-one code coverage reporting platform for test suites. 

Codecov can be used to analyse code testing in terms of which lines of code were tested and which lines weren't, so that future tests can be altered to include untested lines to check for bugs or syntax errors. The results are presented as reports that are uploaded to Codecov to be analyzed, stored and compared over time to see how testing changes. 



The company has now announced that they are changing the licensing strategy for Codecov so that it is more open. From now on, the critical server components will be licensed under the Business Source License, and adjacent elements, or things with justification that they exist for the greater good, must be licensed under a permissive license (Apache-2.0, MIT, or BSD, depending on the context). 

Codecov says code in the core repositories is now available for developers to run for themselves, study, modify, and redistribute in original and modified form. As a part of this shift, Codecov is also offering a new self-hosted repo designed to make it easy to run Codecov in a minimal docker-compose based setup for proof-of-concept and small volume deployments. The company is closing its commercial self-hosted offering but will continue to provide support to existing customers who are running Codecov on-prem.


The developers say that all Codecov's repositories that were open source ahead of this announcement will remain open source. The primary projects that will be converted from closed to use the BSL Business Source License are:


  • codecov-api: Codecov's API layer. This is a Django / Django Rest Framework application that services Codecov's front end and public REST API.
  • worker: Codecov's asynchronous task processing layer. This is a Python and Rust application that is primarily responsible for offline task execution, managing job queues, and so on.
  • gazebo: Codecov's React SPA front end. This is the front end application end users interact with on the subdomain.
  • shared: A collection of shared functions and classes that are used by both codecov-api and worker
  • self-hosted: A repository that allows users to bootstrap Codecov proof of concept and small volume installations. 

The repositories are available on GitHub now.  



More Information


Codecov Website


Codecov On GitHub


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