Udacity's New Discovering Ethical AI Course
Written by Sue Gee   
Friday, 12 April 2024

Udacity has just launched an hour-long course on Ethical AI. Intended for a wide audience across many industries, it introduces to basic concepts and terms needed to step into the world of Ethical AI. The new course is free for 30 days.

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Outlining the rationale behind Discovering Ethical AI on the Udacity blog, Ed Wiley points out that the U.S. Office of Management and Budget recently released new guidance to federal agencies on how they can and cannot use artificial intelligence. He writes:

As new AI regulations and applications rapidly emerge, professionals who stay up-to-date bring tremendous value to their organizations.

Completion of this course, which can indeed be achieved within an hour, earns a certificate, a worthwhile credential to add to any resume.

The course is taught by Ria Cheruvu, AI Software Architect and Generative AI Evangelist at Intel Corporation as a series of short videos which cover:

  • Defining ethical AI and outlining ethical AI principles,

  • Different stakeholders involved in AI ethics,

  • Applying ethics to AI lifecycles,

  • The steps of an AI lifecycle, from pre-design to development to deployment,

  • AI ethics case studies

  • The ethical challenges of Generative AI, including how chatbots can generate harmful content and how image generators can create biased images.


There are quiz questions at the end of each to test your  understanding of the key points which you need to answer to claim your certificate. 

Discovering Ethical AI is the latest in a set of hour-long courses that provide an overview of emerging technologies, specifically AI, data science, and digital transformation, that are converging to change the business landscape. For the coming month Udacity is also offering free access to three related courses, similarly aimed at business-oriented learners: 

While these courses issues a certificate of completion, they really are only a taster. If Discovering Ethical AI leaves you wanting more, Ria Cheruvu also teaches Ethical AI, a  1-month course at Intermediate Level intended for students who have a grounding in AI and ML. Each of its five lessons includes hands on coursework that will enable practitioners to design and build models with enhanced fairness and reduced bias. that avoid unforeseen consequences and connect ethical AI concepts to critical issues in privacy, governance, transparency, and security.

The latest Udacity Nanodegree program, launched in January and taught by Ed Wiley is Generative AI For Software DevelopersAs I reported at its launchthis is a 4-month program at Intermediate level which requires both Python and database fundamentals plus familiarity with transformer neural networks and other AI topics. According to its blurb this Nanodegree will take you from foundational theories to building sophisticated chatbots and AI agents and this program will empower you with job-ready skills in the exciting field of Generative AI. Like all Udacity Nanodegrees and courses it is included in the Udacity All Access Subscription costing $249 per month, or you can save 15% by paying upfront for a four-month subscription for $846.



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