Time Running Out to Kickstart Code Hero
Written by Lucy Black   
Friday, 17 February 2012

Code Hero is a new way to learn game programming - absorb programming techniques while playing a game that is fun and challenging. It's a great idea, but time is running out to fund it via Kickstarter. Get a copy of the beta by pledging a dollar to the project. 


Code Hero has succeed in the initial crucial challenge - that of raising sufficient funds to secure its own future. There are, however, some great rewards still on offer before its Kickstarter campaign finishes. In particualar it is ofering Senator Heros the opportunity to introduce Code Hero into schools across and entire state and anyone can become a K12 Code Hero for a single US school of their choice.

see Code Hero Achieves Target


Code Hero is the brainchild of Alex Peake, founder of Primer Labs. His idea is a simple one - if you want to learn how to write computer games, why not learn by playing one?

Of course for this to work you need a game that is good enough to motivate users to play it. In Code Hero you control a gun that lets you copy and paste code in your virtual environment.

You then use the code you capture to build structures and manipulate the world around you with the overall aim of creating your ideal game. The concept seems to work as when it was demoed at the Bay Area Maker Faire it won both the Editor's Choice and Kid's Choice.




In the game you use a Code Gun to shoots Javascript into Unity, the 3D game engine. You also get help in learning JavaScript from one of the game's code heros, Ada Lovelace - this trailer gives you a taste of what to expect.




Code Hero is currently looking for funding and is on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website for projects that have creative merit. The goal is to raise $100,000 before Friday February 24th and by pledging $1 or more you can have privileged access to the private beta.

The reward for pledging $13.37 or more is exclusive access to the mysterious in-game 1337 club while a pledge of $31, the price of the game, not only pre-orders the game but also secret in-game rewards. For $42 you can have the digital download and the boxed USB version in a book box signed by Alex Peake and the whole developer team plus a Code Hero T-Shirt.

The list of rewards continues through the option of becoming a Founding Intern for just $1,337 up to $10,000 dollars for which you become a character in the game, alongside Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing, which is an amazing opportunity for communicating a message to a vast potential audience. 

In this video Alex Peake makes his pitch for your support - and the way Kickstarter works, if the project fails to reach its target your money gets refunded.




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Code Hero on Kickstarter

Primer Labs


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