Social Media Apps For Couples
Written by Alex Denham   
Saturday, 07 July 2012

When thinking about social media, it is usually in terms of reaching as many people of possible. However, it seems there's another market niche that deserves attention - that of one-to-one communication between couples.

One social app for couples has achieved one million downloads in the four months since it was launched in March for Android. Korean company VCNC launched Between* as an iPhone app last November, promoting it as being a sign of commitment. 

Originally available in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English it is now available in 13 languages. While 76 per cent of the current users are Korean, its user base in Japan and China is increasing rapidly.



On the Between site, the app is described as providing ‘a secret place for lovers to communicate and keep their precious moments’.

This may be making you throw things at the screen in disgust, but it has achieved 1 million downloads in four months since March when the Android version was launched. 

This is an impressive figure, and shows that ‘couples’ apps might be worth considering. VCNC says couples are spending significant amounts of time on the app, averaging around 300 minutes per user per month.

The market for apps providing a private space for couples seems to be thriving despite the fact that social media such as Facebook already provides the means to exchange private messages and to have private groups where only invited people can view posts.

Between is by no means the only app to have been launched aimed at this market; other recent launches include Duet for the iPhone; Pair and Avocado available from both Google Play and the App Store.




Duet’s approach is to give you a way to suggest a Duet to someone by filling in the blank on the phrase “Let’s…___.” You send the suggestion to someone on your phone list, and you can only propose a Duet to one person at a time! If your would-be partner doesn’t have the iPhone app, they get the invite as an SMS. The idea is that “your Duets grow into a list of dreams, goals or desires as a couple”.



Avocado’s main claim to fame is that it works on the Web as well as smartphones, and has focused strongly on security. This is obviously the app of choice for couples who need to keep their hugs and kisses very much under wraps.




Pair, also launched in March 2012, has become known for features including the ‘thumb kiss’, where the two halves of the couple can press their thumbs against the touchscreen of their phones at the same time, and the phone will vibrate. Honest, we’re not making this stuff up.

If you’re stifling the urge to barf, consider this;

a (not very scientific) sample of teenagers of our acquaintance said they thought most of their friends would think this was a fantastic idea, and if your girlfriend wants you to get an app, it’ll be tricky to say no without facing some awkward questions about just who you’ve been thumb-kissing behind her back!


There’s an audience for this stuff, you could be making money.

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