The Weekly Top 10: More JavaScript Development Resources
Written by Ian Elliot   
Thursday, 29 September 2016

In this week's selection of other people's blog posts you'll find JavaScript libraries, frameworks and developers. We've also included two posts on debugging and one from John Resig on JavaScript Inheritance. - 10 Amazing JavaScript Libraries

From absolute must-haves to specialized niche players, these 10 JavaScript libraries stand out from the crowd. - JavaScript Frameworks in 2016

As JavaScript's popularity continues to grow and with it, the surrounding ecosystem of modern libraries & tools, it can sometimes be hard to keep-up, leading to what some describe as JavaScript Fatigue. This post will delve into some of the advances we're seeing in the JavaScript community and how such solutions may benefit you and your team, without making you fatigued. - How to Convert Your JavaScript App Into an Android App with PhoneGap

So you're here because you want to turn your JavaScript application into a mobile Android application. Luckily for you, we've written this tutorial just for that, using the PhoneGap framework. In addition to our PhoneGap tutorial, we'll also walk you through a manual way using Cordova CLI with an Android SDK. - 2015's Top JavaScript Devs To Follow

The past year was undoubtedly a big year for Node.js and JavaScript across the board. 2015 saw the coming-together of Node.js and io.js, the introduction of ESLint 1.0 and and the adoption of ES6, among many other exciting things. We put together a list of the top 20 developers who made an impact on the JavaScript community in these exciting times. - Understanding MVC And MVP (For JavaScript And Backbone Developers)

Before exploring any JavaScript frameworks that assist in structuring applications, it can be useful to gain a basic understanding of architectural design patterns. Design patterns are proven solutions to common development problems and can suggest structural paradigms to help guide us in adding some organization to our application. - JavaScript Debugging for Beginners

I set out to write a post about JavaScript debugging for beginners because I often see people struggling with this and want to help. I hope this post provides some useful information to help you get started. I tried to cram a lot in here, so it is just a start. - Useful Javascript debugging tips you might not know

Knowing your tools can make a major difference when it comes to getting things done. This is a list of small debugging tips you probably didn't know but soon won't live without. In this post, most of the tips are for Chrome inspector even though my favourite tips are for Firefox. Many of these tips will work in other inspectors as well. - The art of throwing JavaScript errors

When I was younger, the most befuddling part of programming languages was the ability to create errors. My first reaction to the throw operator in Java was, "well that's stupid, why would you ever want to cause an error?" - JavaScript Libraries for Cool Scrolling Effects

A website design comes to life with well-executed animation. If you're looking for the proper libraries to add effects to your project, here I've made a list of some of the libraries that you can use to give effects based on the scroll event. - John Resig - Simple JavaScript Inheritance

I've been doing a lot of work, lately, with JavaScript inheritance - namely for my work-in-progress JavaScript book - and in doing so have examined a number of different JavaScript classical-inheritance-simulating techniques. Out of all the ones that I've looked at I think my favorites were the implementations employed by base2 and Prototype.

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