JetBrains Releases Qodana Self-Hosted
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 04 July 2024

JetBrains has released Qodana Self-Hosted, a version of its code quality platform that can now be managed and maintained by the customer on their infrastructure.

JetBrains Qodana is a tool that detects and flags programming errors such as bugs, security vulnerabilities, anomalous code and dead code. Qodana is a static analysis engine that brings inspections from JetBrains IDEs to any CI pipeline and runs resource-intensive checks on the CI server.

Since its original release, JetBrains has added the ability to create custom inspections with FlexInspect, support of Unity analysis, and made .NET analysis available in the Community version. Qodana supports over 60 languages and technologies and is designed to integrate with virtually any CI pipeline, including JetBrains TeamCity, Space, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, and GitLab CI.

The self-hosted version offers organizations and developers complete control over their data as well as Qodana maintenance and upgrades. JetBrains says that for companies required to keep the project's code isolated, Qodana Self-Hosted is an optimal solution as the code never leaves the company's infrastructure.

The self-hosted option also mitigates compliance concerns, as it can offer the necessary control over data storage and processing to comply with regulations, including national data sovereignty laws.
JetBrains says being self-hosted can also be optimized for the specific performance needs of an organization, which potentially offers better performance than a shared cloud environment.

Qodana Self-Hosted features include issues overview, IDE integrations, quick fixes, CI/CD integrations, license audit, and FlexInspect.

Currently, Qodana Self-Hosted supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), but JetBrains says additional hosting options will be added in future versions. Pricing starts at $40 per developer per month, and users can request a Qodana demo. If they request a demo by August 31, 2024, they will receive a 40% discount on one year of Qodana Self-Hosted.

More Information

Qodana Web Page

Request A Demo Option For Qodana

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