Getting Started With React For Free
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Stuck at home with only the Internet for company? Learn the basics of React.js with this free class by Skillshare engineer, Daniel Nastase. No knowledge of React is needed, but basic knowledge of Javascript, HTML and CSS is required.

The class comprises of 13-byte sized and hand-on videos and is
split into two parts. The first part, videos 1-10 cover the fundamentals of React such as the components, state, css, rendering etc. All the lessons are compact and focus on a single topic. It's good and consistent organizing that does not wear the viewer out. In the second part, videos 11-13, you combine everything you've learned to build an example application.

After the intro of video 1, lessons start in video 2 with an explanation what React's components are and that each one has a render function to render the actual HTML.This is shown by making a simple component that appends <h1> enclosed text to the root DOM element.

The third video/lesson goes one step further dealing with complex and nested components. Although I had no experience with React, by now I understood that a component is a wrapper object over some HTML.

Lesson 4 gives more insight into the JSX format, a mix of JavaScript and HTML that is used by React. The lesson shows an example of it in interpolating a JavaScript variable into the to-be-rendered html.

Lesson 5 is in on React's properties, which are like HTML attributes and great for re-usability!

Excellent stuff so far, easy to understand and hands-on!

Lesson 6 is on handling UI events like button clicks.

Lesson 7 uses two button component instances, but each one with its own custom properties.The message of the lesson is to always use the arrow function when binding events in order to sidestep the fact that React doesn't know the context from which we call our event handlers.

Lesson 8 updates the state of the component, as well as the visuals, depending on that state. It also has some pitfalls to avoid.  With a running time of 5:35 this was one of the longest lessons!

Lesson 9 is about styling your components with CSS.

Lesson 10 shows some basic DOM manipulation with React Children and concludes the Basic part of the class.

In the next three videos you apply what you've learned to building a game of Rock Paper Scissors. You'll need the starter template of a "Create React App" with which you create React apps.

To sum up , this class is a great starting point in your journey exploring React. Did I mention that it comes with a nice price tag too? Free!


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Getting started with React on Skillshare

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