TypeScript 4.7 Adds Node.js ECMAScript Module Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 06 June 2022

TypeScript 4.7 has been released with improvements including ECMAScript module support in Node.js, instantiation expressions, and control-flow analysis for computed properties.

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that adds optional static types which can be checked by the TypeScript compiler to catch common errors in your programs. TypeScript can use this information to help you avoid about mistakes like typos, missing arguments, or forgetting to check for null and undefined.

The headline improvement in the new release is the ECMAScript module support in Node.js. The developers of Node.js have been working for several years to add support for ECMAScript modules (ESM). The work has taken so long because it's been difficult to achieve, because the Node.js ecosystem is built on a different module system called CommonJS (CJS). Support for ESM in Node.js was largely implemented in Node.js 12, and TypeScript now adds support for ESM in Node.js.

The addition of support for control-flow analysis for computed properties means that TypeScript 4.7 now analyzes the type of computed properties and narrows them correctly. ontrol-Flow Analysis for Bracketed Element Access

TypeScript 4.7 also now narrows the types of element accesses when the indexed keys are literal types and unique symbols.

The new release has also added control over module detection.This overcomes the problem incurred by the introduction of modules to JavaScript, specifically the ambiguity between existing "script" code and the new module code. JavaScript code in a module runs slightly differently, and has different scoping rules, so tools have to make decisions as to how each file runs. TypeScript now deals with this correctly.

Other improvements include snippet completions for object literal methods; a change to Organize Imports so it recognizes groups and handles them correctly; and the ability to perform typeof queries on private fields.

TypeScript 4.7 is available now.

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