Party With Atlas, Spot & Stretch
Written by Lucy Black   
Sunday, 20 February 2022

What happens when you put together Samuel Adams beer and a trio of robots - a party. Watch this one-minute advert created by Boston Robotics for the recent Super Bowl which cleverly promotes both the ale and the robots.


We've been impressed by dance moves from Spot and Atlas before, in particular in Spot Moves Like Mick Jagger and in the December 2020 video, Do You Love Me? where Atlas certainly steals the show with its nifty footwork. Towards the end of that earlier video there are sequences where Spot appears to interact with each of Atlas and the warehouse robot then referred to as "Handle" and now renamed Stretch, presumably because of its long reach.

BD Stretch


The new video again includes all three of Boston Dynamic's current robots and  they interact not only with each other but also with humans, indeed at times men and machines seem to be dangerously close to one another, but the behind the scenes video reveal that this is mainly through clever camera angles.

So the dance moves are again down to creative choreography but we do see robots "working" as well as playing. Stretch not only moves a pack of beers, but has added a new behavior to its repertoire that lets it tip out the contents of the pack. Spot has learned to pour a can of ale into a glass and toss the can into a receptacle and Atlas can carry a 40-pint keg on his head. Clever!


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