Google Introduces Service Weaver Framework
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Google has introduced Service Weaver, an open source framework for building and deploying distributed applications. Service Weaver allows you to write your application as a modular monolith and deploy it as a set of microservices.

Service Weaver consists of a set of programming libraries and a set of deployers. The programming libraries can be used to write an application as a single modular binary, using only native data structures and method calls. The deployers can then be used to configure the runtime topology of your application and deploy it as a set of microservices, either locally or on the cloud of your choosing.


Google says that by decoupling the process of writing the application from runtime considerations such as how the application is split into microservices, what data serialization formats are used, and how services are discovered, Service Weaver aims to improve distributed application development velocity and performance.


The developers say that Google has found that the overhead of maintaining multiple different microservice binaries with separate configuration files, network endpoints, and serializable data formats significantly slowed the pace of development of microservices-based applications. The microservices also made it harder to make cross-binary changes, and made APIs so difficult to change that it was easier to squeeze all of changes into the existing APIs rather than evolve them.

This drove a desire for a single monolithic binary to work with because monolithic binaries are easy to write, using only language-native types and method calls, and are easy to update and run. Service Weaver aims to provide the monolith-like ability to develop quickly with the scalability, security, and fault-tolerance of microservices.

The v0.1 release of Service Weaver includes core Go libraries used for writing applications; deployers used for running applications locally or on GKE, and a set of APIs that allow you to write your own deployers for any other platform.

Service Weaver is available now on GitHub.


More Information

ServiceWeaver On GitHub

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