VGV Creates Largest Flutter Team Outside Google
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 29 June 2023

The world's largest Flutter team outside Google is being created through an acquisition by Very Good Ventures (VGV) of CreateThrive. VGV is a long-standing full-service Flutter consulting firm, while CreateThrive is a mobile and web development firm based in Latin America.


Flutter is Google's open source mobile UI framework. It can be used to create native interfaces on iOS and Android, and was created as a combination of Google's Dart programming language and a runtime environment that is referred to as an app engine in Flutter.

Flutter is increasing in popularity, with the number of Flutter apps doubling to more than one million in the last year. In Google's Flutter 2023 Strategy document they say that:

"as of January 2023, there are over 700,000 apps in the Play Store that are built with Flutter, and one in five new apps on the Play Store use Flutter, more than all other cross-platform frameworks put together. Flutter is picking up market share from other cross-platform frameworks, which are flat or declining over the last twelve months."

In the 2023 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Flutter gained ground against other frameworks. Flutter was used in the past year by nearly 5,000 Professional Developers  making it more popular than React Native, although it was still a minor player compared to ReactJS, used by almost 30,000.  

David DeRemer, founder and CEO at Very Good Ventures, said the company believes that:

"Flutter is a transformative technology that creates competitive advantage."

He said this was a major driver behind the acquisition as VGV wants to build the world's largest and strongest Flutter team.


Very Good Ventures is the longest running Flutter consultancy, working on the biggest Flutter apps. It built the first commercial app outside of Google in 2017 with an app for Hamilton (the musical).

CreateThrive was founded in 2018 by Tomas Piaggio and Joaquin Varela, and alongside the company's Flutter portfolio they create web projects using ReactJS. CreateThrive was also early to serverless and Firebase adoption for back-end development.


More Information

Very Good Ventures Website

Google Flutter 2023 Strategy Document

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