2013 C++ Conference - Registration Opens
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The second annual C++Now Conference is to be held May 12-17, 2013 in Aspen, Colorado and registration is now open.

The C++Now Conference was formerly BoostCon and it continues to cater for the Boost community as well as to the wider C++ community by being:

"dedicated to discussion and education about C++, an open and free language and standard"


Registration for attendees has now opened and the incentive to make an early booking is to qualify not only for Early Bird conference registration, which saves $100 and ends April 14th, 2013 but to take advantage of Early Bird hotel registration, which ends December 31st, 2012 and saves $20 per night.

The deadline for submissions from speakers at the event is December 15 and one registration fee is waved  for a standard session presentation with shorter sessions prorated.

The Call for Submissions page states:

Historically, some of the most popular sessions at C++Now have highlighted these concepts, from DSLs to functional programming to transactional memory and more.  Bring your C#, Python, Ruby or Haskell influences to bear in an environment that will broaden their exposure.  At C++Now 2013 we would like to focus on parallel and distributed computing with C++. However, by no means this is intended to restrict the topics of proposals we hope to see.

Session topics are listed as including, but not being restricted to the following:


  • Parallelism in the new C++11 standard
  • Parallel, distributed and GPGPU topics relating to C++
  • C++11 and how it changes life for users and library writers
  • General tutorial sessions on C++11, the C++11 Standards library, and one or more Boost libraries
  • In-depth sessions on using specific Boost libraries
  • Case studies on using Boost
  • Experts panels
  • Advanced sessions on implementation techniques used within Boost libraries
  • Development workshops to extend or enhance existing Boost libraries
  • Workshops on design process
  • Infrastructure workshops such as Build tools, Website, Testing
  • Concepts and Generic Programming
  • Hardware and infrastructure presentations focused on how libraries can make better use of the technology
  • Software development tools and their application to C++ and or Boost
  • Other topics likely to be of great interest to C++ users and developers

The event is also recruiting volunteers to help run the conference in return for attending sessions free of registration fees.



More Information

C++ Now 2013

C++ Now Call for Submissions

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