A New Build Of Windows 10 Mobile
Written by Mike James   
Tuesday, 15 September 2015

How many have forgotten all about Windows 10 Mobile? Surely we can't still be waiting for it? A new build is now available, the first for over a month.

Windows Mobile Preview Build 10536 was released on 14th September to the Windows Insiders fast ring. If you are not focused on creating apps for Windows Phone then presumably you will have almost forgotten that Windows Mobile didn't ship with Windows 10. The irony of all this is that Windows 8 was the result of trying to create an OS suitable for a phone and a desktop and for Windows 10 the great developer innovation is the introduction of true Universal apps, which run on all platforms, and yet with we are still waiting for Windows Mobile to fulfil that dream. 

Yes you can write a Universal app and you can see it run on a desktop, tablet or phone, but you can't sell it to a Windows 10 phone because these aren't officially launched.

Many users and programmers have grown tired of Microsoft's message that we should wait for the next one. And yet Windows Mobile 10 has the potential to be the one worth waiting for. 




According to Microsoft the latest build has the following improvements:

  • Insider Hub is now included again!

  • Mobile hotspot functionality has been fixed.

  • Voice input has been updated to add support for Japanese and English (India) speech recognition.

  • Single hop updates are again available from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview for all devices.

  • Two-factor authentication is fixed when setting up a device for both text and phone authentication.

  • Start screen will successfully load instead of failing with “Loading …” displayed in a loop until device was rebooted. 

  • Quiet Hours\Do Not Disturb has been fixed.

  • Delay in showing date and time on Lock screen has been improved.

  • Pinch and zoom in Maps now works as expected.

Doesn't sound a lot but you have to add the fact that the Photo app has been updated and one-handed mode has been extended to all devices irrespective of their size. 

The launch date for Mobile is some time this fall. Could there be a connection with the fact that Microsoft is planning a New York-based media briefing on 6 October 2015 in New York? It is rumoured that new flagship Lumia phones will be announced then, along with a new Surface machine.



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