HoloLens - Invitations To Pre-Order Starting Today
Written by Lucy Black   
Tuesday, 01 March 2016

Microsoft's augmented reality headset is another step closer to bringing mixed reality to the market. Developers in the US and Canada are now being invited to place orders for the HoloLens Development Edition, that will start shipping on March 30th.

Back in January 2016 when the HoloLens was first unveiled, I Programmer's Mike James wrote:

As with most new hardware what matters are the applications. Is there a killer AR app that works indoors? Something that makes lots of users want to buy a HoloLens? This is another instance where Microsoft really does need to get developers on board and fast.

Developers have indeed been keen to work with the HoloLens. Over 5,000 ideas were submitted in response to the recent call for ideas for an app to be built to showcase the HoloLens experience and 500 submissions were received when Microsoft invited academic institutions to apply for grants and the opportunity to be among the first to get HoloLens development kits. 

As we previously reported, see Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition, the price for the device is $3,000 and only available in the US and Canada to those enrolled in the Windows Insider Program who have applied to buy one - up to a maximum of two per order.



Expressing his excitement about the announcement that the HoloLens Development Edition is available for pre-order Kudo Tsunoda, who heads up the Windows App Studio at Microsoft, stated:

We set out on a mission to deliver the world’s first untethered holographic computer and it is amazing to finally be at this point in time where developers will be receiving the very first versions so they can start building their own holographic experiences.

His blog post introduces the suite of AR experiences that Microsoft has produced to:

highlight unique capabilities of HoloLens and to illustrate for developers how they can be used in every day applications.

It is our hope that these example applications can be used as a jumping off point for how any developer can create amazing 3D content for HoloLens. 


The first in the list is HoloStudio. which shows how to use the HoloLens interaction model of gaze, gesture, and voice and is intended to let devs:

easily create 3D in 3D – at real-world scale [and] to envision and create the holograms they need for their own applications. 

HoloTour is an experience in which see high-resolution 360-degree panoramic displays of places like Rome and Machu Picchu. It showcases the spatial sound capabilities of this platform and the freedom to move around thanks to being untethered:

While immersive, the experience still embraces mixed reality, as it allows you to physically walk around spaces and get up close to objects.

Threre's also an enhanced version of Skype that allows people to communicate using holograms and three gaming experiences. Fragments, a mixed reality crime drama in which gamers are able to investigate clues and solve crimes that are seemingly taking place in their own living rooms; a platform game called Young Conker which tailors each of the levels you play to your real world; and RoboRaid, previously codenamed Project X-Ray, a 1st person holographic shooter in which you defend your own home against an alien invasion.  

In order to encourage devs to build the apps that will be needed before HoloLens becomes a commercial product ,additional development tools that include Visual Studio projects and a HoloLens emulator will be released when HoloLens devices start shipping to customers on March 30. The emulator will allow developers to test holographic apps on their PC without a physical HoloLens and comes with a HoloLens development toolset – to help developers who haven’t yet received their devices get started right away. 




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