Jetpack Compose Adds Bill Of Materials
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 01 November 2022

Android Jetpack Compose has been updated with improvements including support for Material Design 3, a new Bill Of Materials, and a stable version of Compose WearOS. The improved release was announced at the recent annual Android Developer Summit.

Android Jetpack is a suite of libraries for use in Android app development, and Compose is Android's modern, native UI toolkit that is Google's recommended way to build new Android apps for phone, tablets and foldables, and the addition of Compose for Wear adds the option of building Wear OS apps too.


The improvements to the new version of Compose start with the inclusion of a a Bill of Materials, or BOM. A BOM is a Maven module that declares a set of libraries with their versions, and the intention is that it enables Google to move the various Jetpack Compose libraries to independent versioning schemes. Instead of defining each version separately, you now only need to define one BOM version and all Compose library versions will be extracted from that. Google will publish a new version of the BOM every time a Compose artifact has a new stable release.

In terms of actual new features, the new version supports the use and creation of staggered grids, and there's a new type of layout that provides information about final measurement and placement of its children so you can decide on intermediate layouts.

You can now draw text directly onto the canvas, and there's a means to add snapping behavior to lazy lists. Font management has been improved with the ability to add a variable font to your app and change its properties, and you can add hyphenation to your text using a new LineBreak API.

The Compose Material 3 library is stable in this version, so you can build an app using Compose and theme it according to Material Design 3. The library contains fresh and updated versions of many UI components, such as buttons, cards, checkboxes, switches, navigation bars and drawers.



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