Android Studio 1.5 Released - Just Some Bug Fixes, Don't Get Excited
Written by Mike James   
Friday, 20 November 2015

Android Studio 1.5 is sort of half way to 2.0 so it must be packed with new features right? Well, perhaps not. 



One of the big complaints about any software is "why can't they make it work right before adding features?"

Google's Android Studio team seems to have a sense of humour about the predicament of needing something new to hang a release on:



Well, yes, apart from the box there wasn't a lot of tension.

No "and one last thing" - apart from the box. 


Some new features in Android Studio 1.5, are described in the video. Basically this comes down to improvements in the memory profiler, which helps to detect the common causes of memory leaks.




There are also some new "lint" checks, such as attempting to override a resource mentioned in the manifest. 




Good news but not a 1.5 highlight features. 

Perhaps we just have to get used to bug fixes being important - they are. 

My favourite fix is that now the UI editor doesn't get confused when you remove the name of a control and it copes with both possible ways of specifying a name as @+id/name or just name. If you don't put the @+id/ the editor adds it and if you do it doesn't add it a second time. 

What is your favourite fix?

Android Studio 1.5 is available as an update in the stable channel now and you simply have to accept the offer to upgrade. 

It would be nice if the main Android team was concerned with the quest to remove bugs and were happy to let the next version simply be more robust. 


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Android Studio 1.5

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