Debezium 1.0 Increases Database Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 07 January 2020

The 1.0 release of Debezium is now available, with support for more databases, and container images upgraded to OpenJDK 11.  Debezium is also now built against the latest version of Apache Kafka (2.4.0).

Debezium is a modern, distributed open source Change Data Capture platform running on Kafka.It is made up of a cluster of Apache Kafka brokers that are used for the persistent, replicated, and partitioned transaction logs where Debezium records all events and from which applications consume all events. Kafka also uses a small cluster of Zookeeper nodes to manage responsibilities of each broker.



Each Debezium connector monitors one database cluster or server, and connectors are configured and deployed to a cluster of Kafka Connect services so that each connector is always running. Debezium provides stable, highly configurable CDC connectors for MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB and SQL Server, as well as incubating connectors for Apache Cassandra and Oracle, and facilities for transforming and routing change data events.

The main improvements to the 1.0 release start support for streaming changes from SQL Server "AlwaysOn" replicas. Until now, data from SQL Server CDC was only obtained at the time of startup, and real-time changed records were not obtained, without restarting. The new support means data changes are obtained as they happen.

The next improvement updates the supported versions of databases to add Postgres 12, SQL Server 2019, and MongoDB 4.2. Postgres enum types and Ltree columns are now supported, and MongoDB transactions are handled correctly. The Cassandra connector has also been improved.

The developers say they've also fixed a large number of bugs, with 96 issues fixed in Debezium 1.0 and its preview releases. The team says that for users of Debezium 0.10, the upgrade should be a drop-in replacement for the previous release. 




More Information

Debezium Website

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