Debezium 0.9 Final Released
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Friday, 22 February 2019

The developers of Debezium have released version 0.9 of a set of distributed services that capture row-level changes in databases so that applications can see them and respond.

Debezium records in a transaction log all row-level changes committed to each database table.It is essentially a modern, distributed open source Change Data Capture platform running on Kafka. The main improvements to this version are the inclusion of a SQL Server connector and a new interface for event handlers of Debezium’s embedded engine, which allows for bulk handling of change events.


Debezium is made up of a cluster of Apache Kafka brokers that are used for the persistent, replicated, and partitioned transaction logs where Debezium records all events and from which applications consume all events. Kafka also uses a small cluster of Zookeeper nodes to manage responsibilities of each broker. 

Each Debezium connector monitors one database cluster or server, and connectors are configured and deployed to a cluster of Kafka Connect services so that each connector is always running. The Kafka Connect service clusters are independent. All connectors record their events to Kafka, which persists, replicates, and partitions the events for each table in separate topics.

The latest version of Debezium includes support for monitoring MySQL database servers, MongoDB replica sets or sharded clusters, and PostgreSQL servers. The SQL Server connector is also included in this release, while a connector for Oracle is described as work-in-progress. 

Alongside the new SQL Server connector, this release includes initial snap-shotting for the Oracle connector, new metrics for the SQL Server and Oracle connectors and extended metrics for the MySQL connector.

The other main improvement is that Debezium’s embedded engine now comes with a new interface ChangeConsumer, which event handlers can implement if they’d like to process change events in bulks. The developers say this can result in substantial performance improvements when pushing change events to APIs that apply batch semantics themselves, such as the Kinesis Producer Library.



More Information

Debezium Website

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