Streamlit 1.0 Adds Developer Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 18 October 2021

Streamlit, an app framework for machine learning and data science, has been updated. Streamlit 1.0 has been enhanced to move from a simple way to work with data and models to providing ways to develop and deploy apps.

Streamlit has gained rapid popularity due to its ease of use. The original open source Python library offered data scientists an easy way to create web apps for machine learning and data science using just a couple of lines of Python. It has 4.5 million downloads, and the developers say is used by more than 10,000 organizations,  including over half of the Fortune 50.


What makes it interesting to developers is the new release and the plans announced by the Streamlit team. StreamIit now has a cloud platform that can be used to deploy, manage, and share the app.

The new release has changed to using Apache Arrow for serialization and memory management updates, and this, along with better caching, has made apps faster and more responsive.

The new release makes it easier to customize apps with support for themes and layout options including columns and sidebars.

Version 1.0 also adds more support for app state, with the ability to work with session state to maintain information between sessions.

One of the reasons for Streamlit's popularity is the wide range of community components, and the new release adds support for more libraries such as SpaCy, HiPlot, Folium and Observable, along with better tools for creating components.

The developers say the new release makes it ten times faster for users to create apps, and they plan to add:

"an unbeatable set of widgets—everything from sortable/filterable/editable databases and tables to clickable charts, to image selectors and editors, to amazing audio and video players and uploaders (and more options for layout and customization!)"

The team also plans to make it easier to connect to data sources, cache data, interact with it, and debug your apps. This will go alongside improved features making it easier to get started with new apps, find code snippets, search for the right add-on components, and engage with the community.

Streamlit 1.0 is available on GitHub now. 


More Information

Streamlit Website

Streamlit On GitHub

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