Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy In Preview
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Microsoft has updated the Graph Developer Proxy, which it says can be used to build resilient and performant apps. The updated version adds support for simulating errors on Microsoft Graph and other APIs, and contextual guidance to help you improve the performance of your apps.

Microsoft Graph lets organizations map the relationships between people, information and activities within the organization. You can use REST APIs or SDKs to access the data and build apps.


Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy provides a way for developers to see how an app that uses Microsoft Graph will handle errors correctly when the error would normally only happen when the application is used at scale. The proxy lets developers simulate Microsoft Graph API errors to verify that your app will deal with them 'gracefully' if they happen for real. The proxy can also return Microsoft Graph API responses for use with test data to see how the responses would be handled by your app. The Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy is a standalone exe that was introduced in December, and Microsoft plans to add extra capabilities in the next few months.

The initial release in December provided the ability to simulate errors that applications encounter when using the Graph APIs. This updated version adds support for simulating errors on any API. The default is configured for Microsoft Graph and SharePoint APIs, but you can extend it to include other APIs as well by adding the URLs that the Proxy should intercept.

The other improvement in this release is the ability to use $select to improve performance of your apps. This query parameter limits the data that Microsoft Graph returns to just what’s needed by your app, speeding up the API response. The proxy now warns of any requests to Microsoft Graph API that don’t use the $select parameter.

The updated version of the proxy is available on GitHub now.


More Information

Graph Developer Proxy On GitHub

Microsoft Graph Technical Documentation

Graph Toolkit on GitHub

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